Free Fallin'

The good girl has her good girl friends... The bad boy has his bad boy friends... What happens when they get together?


2. He's A Bad Boy



I rolled out of bed this morning and got dressed into my regular black tee and jeans. I walked down the stairs and stormed out the door in hopes to not interfere with my mother. Thankfully I left just in time.


I waited outside of Louis house to pick him up for school. This I did every morning. Louis stormed into the car and he immediately changed the radio.


"Haz I wont listen to the news this early in the morning. Why do you do this every morning?" he said sounding aggravated. He never was a morning person and he never will be.


"I just like to know what's going on." I shrugged and listened to what was now on.


It was Free Fallin' by John Mayer.


My favorite song.




I took my seat in my class and looked around the room. I dont know why but I haven't seen half of these people in my life. Besides Trevor, Brandon, Jake, and Dean, I dont talk to anyone  in this class.


But there was this one girl...


Why haven't I seen her? She's absolutely beautiful. Her long light brown hair fell perfectly on her back, her piercing blue eyes could possibly kill if she tried hard enough. She's just breath taking.



But what is her name?

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