summer memories (alex constancio story)

flora is an average 17 year old girl who moves to miami which changes her life


3. shopping for miami

I automatically walk into American Eagle and get a pair of rayban sunglasses, and a pair of light blue skinny jeans. I walk up to the cashier and pay for the clothes. It's $85. I walk down a little ways and end up walking into Hollister. I buy 3 bikinis. A blue and white polka dot one, a white one, and a coral one. I buy 2 pairs of shorts. Some white ones and some denim ones. I check that out at the cash register. Thats $120. I walk down a little bit and walk into Journeys. I buy some light blue vans, black converse, and some neon pink vans. Thats $150. I walk downstairs and head to Aeropostale and buy 4 pairs of shorts. I buy some tan ones, some light pink ones, some light blue denim ones, some purple tie-dye ones, sequin black shorts. I buy 4 tanks. A grey lace tank, a white embellished tank, black Paillette Yoke Tank, and a Lace tie-waist tank. I buy 3 pairs of flipflops. Some Strappy Metallic Flip-Flops, some white flipflops, and some Paisley Floral Flip-Flops. I buy a pair of darkwash jeans, and then I buy a white hoodie. I go check out the items. Its $450. I finally head to Victoria's Secret and buy 5 bras, 3 thongs, and 3 pairs of undies. I then head to Pink and get a black jacket that says Pink on the back of it. Then I head to bath and body works and get a couple bottles of perfume and lotion. I then realize that I forgot Jewelry so I head up to Hollister again, and get 3 necklaces, some gladiator sandels, another pair of sunglasses, and a bottle of perfume. I then head to the food court to find my mom.



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