summer memories (alex constancio story)

flora is an average 17 year old girl who moves to miami which changes her life


7. my schedule

I get my coffee and drive to school. I get out grab my phone and coffee and lock my car over my shoulder. I look around and see that all eyes are on me. I get to school and head to the office to pick up mmy schedule. My schedule was:

1                       Photography                 Mrs. Swick                       Rm. 212

2                       Math                               Mr. Lopp                          Rm. 419

3                       Seminar                         Mrs. Swack                      Rm. 329

4                       Seminar                         Mrs. Swack                      Rm. 329

5                       French                           Mrs. Languar                    Rm. 510

6                       Social Studies               Mrs. Shorane                   Rm. 310

7                       English                           Mr. Zock                           Rm. 215

8                       Gym                                Mr. Barter                         Rm. 13

9                       Basic Design                 Mrs. McQuire                    Rm. 113

10                     Science                          Mr. Porter                          Rm. 512


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