summer memories (alex constancio story)

flora is an average 17 year old girl who moves to miami which changes her life


8. meeting the guys

So first hour I had photography. I was pretty excited for that because that seemed pretty easy. I walked in and this guy walked up to me. "I'm Alex, if you would like you can sit with me." "Yeah, that would be nice to know somebody". I went over to sit with him and his friends. I asked him for his # so when I needed help with something he could help me. But I really just wanted his # because he was really cute! His # was 512-672-3871. I texted him..

Me~I love your eyes

Alex~Your eyes are pretty too

I smiled..

Alex~I also love your smile.

I smiled and put my phone away. He then introduced me to the guys their names were Robert, Tyler, and Zach. They all gave me their #'s. Tyler automatically sent me a text...

Tyler~Your gorgeous

Me~Thanks Tyler;)

"What classes do you guys have next?" Robert - "English" Zach - "Science" Alex - "Social Studies" Tyler - "Math" "Who do you have math with Tyler", I asked. "Mr. Lopp", he replied. "We have math together Tyler". "Yes, I get to have math with a beautiful girl", he said. I automatically felt myself blushing so I tried to hide it. Finally the bell rang to signal the next class. Me and Tyler walked to class together. We sat down with his friends named Emily, Caleb, and Justin. I got all of their #'s too. We went the whole day when I finally got to gym Alex was in there. He came up to me and gave me a hug. "Hey beautiful, I missed you". "Missed you too Alex". We went through gym and then he walked me to my next class. Finally it was the last class of the day and I had it with Alex. We sat next to each other. "Did you drive to school today, I asked him?" "Not today". "We can hang out at my house after school and I could drive you to my house in my mustang". "Yes". During the middle of class I got a text from Alex....

Alex~I really like you

Me~I really like you too.

I then texted my boyfriend...

Me~We need to talk after school

The bell rang which meant that it was the end of the day. Me and Alex walked to my mustang hand in hand. I kissed him then we walked to our sides of the car and we drove to my house. When we got there my mom had left a note that said "Had to work late today, will be home around 9:00, there's food in the fridge. I smiled at Alex and gave him a kiss.

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