summer memories (alex constancio story)

flora is an average 17 year old girl who moves to miami which changes her life


10. Getting approval from Tyler

I wake up the next morning "Good morning babe". No reply. I look up to see if Alex is there, he's not there. I go downstairs to get some breakfast and Alex is standing there making pancakes in basketball shorts, a black tank top, and a beanie. He looks really hot in the morning, I think to myself. He looks up and smiles. I walk over to him and give him a long romantic kiss. The timer goes off. The pancakes are done. Me and Alex eat the pancakes. Alex I'm going to go get ready for school. I get up but before I start heading up the stairs he grabs me and gives me a long kiss. "mmm, u taste good". I smile and head up the stairs. I open up my closet and decide to wear a lacy gray tank, skinny jeans and curl my hair. I look really pretty today. I get my phone and head downstairs. Alex is sitting down on the couch watching tv. I sit down next to him and lay my head on shoulder. He looks up at me. "Babe you look beautiful". "Thanks Alex". I take a picture of me and Alex kissing and put it on Instagram. "Alex do you want to get a coffee before we head to school"? "Sure babe". We get in my car and head to Dunkin Doughnuts. We get our coffees and drive to school. I park in the student parking lot and look at our Instagram picture. 21 likes already. "Alex is it too soon to say I love you"? "No babe I've loved you since I layed eyes on you". I kiss him until about 7:50 when my phone starts going off. Its Tyler. "Hello", I say. "Hey are you coming to class"? "Yeah me and Alex will be there in 5 minutes". I hang up and walk to class with Alex. Tyler walks up to us. "Alex can I have some alone time with Flora"? "Yeah, sure I'll be over here", Alex says not sounding sure at all. Tyler turns to look at me. "I know you and Alex are together and I'm happy for you guys". "But can we still be really close friends"? "How close"? "We talk to each other, hang out, and text each other when we need someone". "Yeah, sure". "Ok, lets head back to class". I let him give me a hug. When we get to class I walk up to Alex and fall into his arms. Class starts in 5 minutes. "Alex are we going to the football game tonight"? "Yeah babe we are". The bell rings to signal class is starting

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