Half a Heart~

"You're fucking kidding right?" I snapped
"Hey! Language young lady!" My father yelled across the table
I shot him a glare, my mom continued. "Yes. C'mon honey. You know we need the money. It's really gonna help us out of this funk." I put my head down, I got the feeling you get in your gut when your trying to hold back the tears. The lump in my throat got even bigger, if it was possible.
"Fine." Was all I said. It's all I could.

I exited the table and marched up to my room, not exactly ready to call Maria. The phone rang, once. Twice. Three times before she picked up.
"Hey. So oh my gosh I have to tell you! Guess what Dallas did!--"
I cut her off, quite harshly. "I'm moving." Then I hung up.

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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