driving in one direction

a girl named allison was raised with a alcoholic mother and a dad in the military and a brother with cancer. when one day she was walking to school and her life was changed with 5 needy kidnappers looking for some fun.


2. where the hell am i

hi im alllison i live at home with my mom and my little brother he is 10 years old im 17.

Allison time for school, my mom calls from down stairs, coming mom. It's my first day of senior year and I'm not to excited. I have to walk an mile to school witch means I have to wake up extra early just so I can get there on time.

So I get up brush my teeth, pick out my clothes and put them on and go down stairs. 

Right as I'm about to walk out the door when my mom calls me, Allison! yes mom can you get me a pack of buds (cigarets) when you get home?

Yeah sure mom. Bye.

Bye sweetie have a nice day.

And that's the last time I heard my moms voice but I'll get to that later

And this is the story of how I got kidnaped on one direction 

I hope you like it so far it will get better posting more stories tonight.

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