Am i pretty now?

Sydney Campen 16, finds true love. Then like everything in her life it crumples. Her only escape is cutting, this time she cut a bit to deep ...


4. night in shining armour

Nash what are you doing here?

Are you okay?"

He pulled me in to his chest "we'll I am now" I looked up at him and moved my lips a bit closer to his, he gave me a quick peck on the lips i couldn't help but give off a little screech.

"You like that?"

"Yea" I said

"Good" he pulled me in again and I felt his velvet soft lips against mine, and his dry tongue fit perfectly in my mouth. I pulled away.

"So what are you doing today" I asked

"Going to the amusement park with Harry

"Oh sounds like fun have a good time"

Would you like to come?"

Before I could think I said "yes"

"We'll lets go"

That's when I realized Harry my ex was going to be there

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