Still the One -Niall Horan love story

"Best friends forever and always." He said wrapping his small finger around mine. The thing he didn't know was how big my feelings were for him, more than a best friend. I was so close to telling my best friend until he went on the X-Factor without saying goodbye. I haven't talked to him or seen him in three years now. That he was Niall Horan, the one in the world famous boyband, One Direction.


12. Why me?

"My girlfriend." Niall finished. I stare at him and Dallia. You could tell he was so in love with her, but Dallia, there was something off. Like all she wanted was to use him for fame. My heart broke more and more as I looked at them longer. I put on the fakest smile possible and shook her hand, well tried to.

"Ew no, I don't wanna catch herpies." Dallia said. My jaw dropped as I felt tears spring in my golden eyes. And the thing that hurt the most, even more then Niall having a girlfriend, was that he wasn't saying anything. He looked at me with sad eyes. I walked out of the bus and closed the door after me, sliding down on my knees and breaking down.

I heard the door creak open. I expected it to be Niall so I quickly wiped the tears away. But, it wasn't Niall.

"Im so sorry she said that." CeCe said kneeling by me and wrapping her arms around me tightly. I hugged back and cried lightly in her shoulder.

"Its okay." I said in a quiet whisper. She looked at me and wiped a black tear off my face.

"No it's not. You don't deserve it. Why didn't Niall say anything?" She said getting pissed.

"I don't know. But you see true love in his eyes when he looks at her, but she-she's using him. I can just tell by her makeup caked face with her smirk." I said tightning my hands in a ball.

"I saw it too. It's obvious that no one else likes her. That's why me and her have to share a bed all tour." She said. I looked at her with confusion.

"Paul only trusts you and Niall to be in a bed together. Plus no one else likes her, so I'm stuck with her." She said with a laugh.

"Im so sorry." I said. She laughed and shrugged.

"I don't care. You need that man!" She said causing me to laugh. I hugged her again.

"You really are the best friend ever. I owe you big time." I said pulling back.

"Dont sweat it. It's getting late and all the boys are in there rooms. Go get that man." She said slapping my booty. I laughed and we walked inside.

"Your beds back there. Last door on the left." Paul said. I smiled and thanked him. I wasn't even going to bother changing. I was in sweats anyway.

I walked in the room to see Niall on his phone playing flick kick soccer. I ignored him and went on the right side of the bed facing the wall.

"Kace?" He said in a sad whisper.

"Kacey Claire Millikan. Please talk to me." He begged. I still ignored him. Finally he gave up and flipped me over so my face met his.

"Yea?" I said in a low whisper as my voice shook. He looked sad as I didn't meet his eyes.

"I'm so sorry. I should of said something. I can't believe she would ever say that." He said astonished.

"I could." I mumbled.

"What?" He asked. I shook my head.

"Im gonna go to bed. I'm really sorry. I love you." He said kissing my fourhead.

I flipped over and smiled feeling the place he kissed my head.

I really love Niall, but his bitch has to go.

A/N- I'm really sorry for all the updates. I'm in a huge fight with my mom and sister and need a break. Please like,comment and follow. Love you guys. -Maddie :D

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