Still the One -Niall Horan love story

"Best friends forever and always." He said wrapping his small finger around mine. The thing he didn't know was how big my feelings were for him, more than a best friend. I was so close to telling my best friend until he went on the X-Factor without saying goodbye. I haven't talked to him or seen him in three years now. That he was Niall Horan, the one in the world famous boyband, One Direction.


16. Shopping with the girls

I woke up nice an early so I could wake up as much as possible. I had to be in a perfect mood for the concert and date with Nialler. I am so nervous, I kept finding myself pacing back and fourth, waiting for Dani to wake up. She was the first one to always wake up, and well over the past few days we have become best friends. El and Perrie too. I could never replace Ce either, so all us girls have stayed together, and we all are just so close now.

"What are you doing up so early?" Dani asked in her beautiful moning voice. I don't see how she could be so awake at 6:15 in the morning, but she is a dancer so it's understandable.

"I have to tell you something. No one else knows. Not even Ce, El or Perrie." I said. She looked at me with big eyes as she sat down at the hotel kitchen table, which was quite nice.

"Kace, are you preggos?" She said worriedly. I shook my head fast.

"No, no, no. Don't worry. I just need your help for tonight." I said. She blew out a sigh of relief.

"Phew. I was like, 'she dosent even have a boyfriend'." Dani said to herself, making me giggle.

"Niall and I are going on a date tonight, after the concert." I said with a smile. She lightly screamed, trying not to wake the boys and the three girls. She started bouncing up an down. Dani was a love hearted girl. She loved romance.

"We're going shopping when the other girls wake up. And we're going to curl your pretty long hair and do your makeup!" She said acting all excited. I laughed.

"Okay,okay!" I said laughing.

"Im so happy for you!" She said hugging the living daylights out of me. "Is this what you want?" Dani asked. I nodded my head.

"Of course! I've wanted this for years now. We told each other that we loved each other last night." I said. She squealed in her hands.

"That's so romantic." She said. I nodded.

"Whats romantic?" The now three sleepy girls said, coming out of the bedroom.

"Niall and Kacey are going on a date tonight and they told each other they loved one another last night. We're helping her get ready!" Dani said, before I could even reply. I laughed.

"Is this true?!" Perrie asked coming over to me and shaking my shoulders. All the girls were waiting for my responce. I nodded and they all squealed. I laughed as they all came over and did a quiet cheer.

"Oh my gosh! It's about time!" El said hugging me. I nodded and laughed.

"We need to go shopping for a perfect outfit Kace!" Ce said getting up.

"How about we go shopping like now and just leave the boys a note?" Dani suggusted. We all nodded.

"Yea since it's already 6:55. Let's just go in our pajamas. And I'll schedual us all hair appointments to get curled or straightened for the concert and a makeup appointment, so basically when we get home, all we have to do is slip on our dresses for the concert?" El asked.

"Yea!! I get to stay in my pajamas! Bonus!" I said cheering. They laughed.

"Im gonna call the places now. Dani, go book a nail appointment at 10:00, and Perrie and Ce go get money out of my wallet, I'm paying for everything! Oh and Kace, sit your but right there. We have to let you wake up a little and be in a good room for the date!" El said really excited. I don't see how they are all so hyper.

"El, as much as I love the friendly geasture, you can't pay for all of our crap." I said.

"Yes I am. I get free beauty due to me being a model, so all I have to pay for is half." She said. I sighed knowing she wouldn't take no for a answer, so I just nodded. They all scurried off and started making phone calls. I slipped on my ugg boots an jacket, ready to go.

"Alright, everythings booked. Hair at 7:30, makeup at 8:30 and nails at 10:30. Then we will go shopping!" El said. I nodded. Everyone got on shoes.

"Let me write the note really fast. Everyone get in the car." I said.


us girls went to get our selfes all prettied up for you guys. We'll be back at 1:00 at the latest! Have fun without us!

Love, Kacey,Perrie,CeCe,Eleanor and Dani :D

I smiled satisfed with the note and put it on the counter. I walked outside and got in the car.

"To get pretty!" Perrie said. I giggled.

"Okay so tell me exactly how you and Niall told each other!" CeCe said, all the girls wanting to know the same.

"Well, after the amazing make-out session we had in the closet, 'I love you more than a friend' slipped out of my mouth. Then you guys decided to interrupt us before he said anything. Then later last night, he saw me in the kitchen and he asked me if I meant it. I told him yes and he said he loved me too, then he asked me out. And the rest is history." I said trailing off. They all 'awwed' as Perrie continued to drive.

"You guys are gonna be the couple of the century. I can already see it." El said moving her hands in a rainbow fashion. I laughed.

"How do you think the fans will take it. Well if we do become a couple." I asked no one in specific.

"I think they will be mad of course, I mean look at Ni, he's adorable, but then they will see how in love you two are and then be happy for you." Perrie said.

"But, what if they hate me in particular?" I asked.

"Who could hate you Kace? Your the sweetest person I know!" Ce explained. I laughed. I knew she was trying to help, even though she knew nothing about having a celeb boyfriend.

"Its okay Kace, all the girls hated me when Louis first announced us dating, but they all grasp that I'm not leaving and they love Elounor!" She explained. That made me feel a little better.

"Yea me too. And Dani." Perrie said. I was felling way more confident now.

"We're here!!" Perrie sung as she put the car in park and turned of the ignition. Hm, Sally's Hair salon. The title ran straight across the broad builing like a magnet and it stood out bold and bright.

"Welcome to Sally's! How can I help you?" The lady at the desk asked.

"Um hi, I'm Eleanor Calder. I called in earlier for a group of 5 to get a hair styling." El said to the lady behind the desk.

"Okay, Ill have all 5 of you come back now. Just pick a seat and tell the lady what you want done." She said with a fake smile, obviously annoyed with her job. We nodded and thanked her, walking back and sitting in seats.

A different lady came to every single one of us. My lady had a brown pixie cut with blonde streaks everywhere.

"Hi! Let's wash your hair then we can style it." She said. I giggled in my head at the word style.

She washed my hair and the smell was amazing. When she was done she dried it. Everyone was practically at the same stage as me.

I watched her run her fingers through my hair as she put the blow drier up to it.

She was finally done.

"How do you want me to style it." She asked. I thought for a minute. Since I have long hair I should curl it.

"Put it in tight curls down my back and then a french braid with my bangs. Please." I said. She nodded and started working. I knew that Dani was straightning hers, El was pinning hers half up half down with it in loose curls, Perrie was crimping hers lightly with a waterfall braid and Ce was doing straight hair with a bang bump. I knew we would all look amazing.

She finally finished my hair. I had never had my hair so beautifully done before. All the girls were waiting for me to finish.

"Wow thank you. It looks amazing." I said. She nodded and I walked with the girls to the cash register as El paid. Dani looked abseloutly gorgeous. El looked amazing. Perrie looked hypsterish but so cute and Ce looked so beautiful. I was so proud to call these girls my best friends.

"You guys look absolutely flawless." I said. They all 'awed'.

"You don't look so bad yourself babe! Wait till we get our makeup done!" El exclaimed as we walked just next door to get our makeup done.

"El! Nice to see you darling." A very gay man said coming up and doing the whole two kisses on the cheeks. He did that to everyone, including me.

"Nice to see you again Ricky!" El said.

"You too dear! So, what brings you in today?" He asked El.

"We are here for a makeover. We want you to suprise us. We have to look amazing for the boys concert tonight." She said. He nodded and sat all us down, going in a line. He applied foundation and then eyeliner,eyeshadow and mascara. Then he did a light glitter affect and put some blush on my cheeks, to make them look rosy. All the girls were pretty much the same, but different eyeshadow colors. We looked so good. Man, I didn't know a guy could do makeup so well.

"Thanks so much Ricky. Hopefully I'll see you soon." She said doing the kiss thing.

"Okay. Have a fun time at the concert girls!" He shouted as we left.

"We will!" We said all in unison, making us crack up.

"Okay one last trip before shopping. Nails!!" El said leading us to a nail shop, that didn't look enexpensive at the least.

"Wow El! You really know how to spoil us all." Ce said as we walked in.

"Only because I love ya." She said.

We all ended up getting a color that matched our eyeshadow, which for me was a light purple. Once we were done we walked out.

"To the mall we go!" El said pointing towards the mall. We parked the car walking in. We shopped for dresses.

I got a long sleeved dress that was tight and to my mid-thigh that was a sparkly purple/silver, with stiletos that were blackish purple. My outfit was adorable. I knew that Niall would like it. I also got dangly silver earrings with diamonds and a purple ruffle clutch.

The girls all got dresses and they were all different styles and colors, but they were to the mid-thigh and tight.

We all looked amazing and we all knew it. No denial about it.

"Okay. That was so much fun. I can't wait to get dressed at the hotel." Dani said as we started our way back.

"I know! We only have a hour when we do get back to the hotel. So we have to all get in the bathroom slip on our dresses then we can show the boys!" Perrie said as she focused on the road. We all nodded.

We finally got back and scurried up to our hotel. When we got up we raced into the bathroom because we saw the boys on the couch all ready. The chased us but we got in the bathroom just in time and locked the door.

"Come on girls we wanna see you!" The boys complained through the door.

All of us had slipped on our dresses and heels with our bags and accessories. We all counted to three and opened the door. They all stared at us in awe as we walked out. All the boyfriends were all lovey dovey all over their girlfriends.

"You look amazing." A Irish accent whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. I blushed and turned around, looking Niall up and down.

"Not so bad yourself, handsome." I said fixing his collar. He winked, causing me to blush more.

"Can't wait for that date." He said before walking outside, leaving me speachless.

"Never leave us again! We were to bored!" Lou said, hugging all over El, making me laugh.

And with that, we headed to the concert and watched the boys play. I can't wait for that date either Niall.

A/N- okay that took forever! Ill have the concert and date in the next chapter. Hope you liked!! Keep hearting,commenting and following! Love you guys! -Maddie:D

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