Still the One -Niall Horan love story

"Best friends forever and always." He said wrapping his small finger around mine. The thing he didn't know was how big my feelings were for him, more than a best friend. I was so close to telling my best friend until he went on the X-Factor without saying goodbye. I haven't talked to him or seen him in three years now. That he was Niall Horan, the one in the world famous boyband, One Direction.


20. I didn't think it was possible to love you so much

"We're home!" Louis' voice sang through the whole hotel room as you heard coats being hung up. All of girls looked at each other and took cover. I giggled as I crouched under the kitchen table. You started to hear the boys walk into the kitchen. "LOVES?" Zayn yelled loudly to see if we were home. CeCe giggled and I placed my hand on my mouth. The girls were all in separate places except for Ce and I.

"We know your here! One Direction is playing on CeCe's Ipod!" Harry said turning it up and singing along to Live While We're young. I heard Eleanor laugh loudly. I saw Louis start running.

"Got ya." He said before dragging El out from behind the couch and kissing her. She giggled and tried to get away from him, but of course Lou being the guy easily held El down. I was 'awing' in my head, trying to prevent the boys from hearing us.

"I know your in here Kace!" Niall said running around in the kitchen. I held my mouth and started laughing lightly, even though I wanted to laugh so loud. I don't know why these situations are so funny to me, usually there not, but it really was getting to me now. I had tears running down my face from holding in my laugh.

I decided to make a run for it so I could find a better spot. I didn't see Niall, so I thought I was clear. I ran and saw Niall chasing after me. I screamed and tried to turn another way but Harry caught me and handed me to Niall. He held me bridle style.

"Hmmmm," Niall said as he thought, "What am I gonna do with you?" He asked to himself. I saw a smirk on his face and knew what he was trying to do so I charged, but he caught me and lightly threw me on the floor tickling me. I was laughing and squirming.

"Alright. That's enough punishment." I said between giggles. He raised a eyebrow and stopped, but kept his hands on my shoulders. "Oh really. now what makes you think I'll do that?" He questioned with a smirk.

"The girls and I will eat the cake we made you. all by ourselves!" I said. He looked at me wide eyed. "Ah, I'll still find a way to get that cake." He said tickling me again.

"Fine, have it your way, but no more kisses for you ever again." I said pulling my head to the side.

"Oh really? What makes you think I wont do this," He said kissing my nose. "Or this," He said kissing my cheek. "Or this?" He said getting close to my face and kissing my lips. I laughed.

"Okay. Get off of me before I hurl." I said laughing as he stood up and offered me a hand, which I gratefully took. I started to walk back in the kitchen when he pulled me back and lightly pushed me against the wall.

"You weren't serious about the kisses right?" He asked in all serious. I laughed and placed my lips onto his. He raised his eyebrow. "I'm guessing that's a no." He said. I laughed and walked into the kitchen where the boys were devouring the cake.

"Aye! Save me some lads!" Niall said as he ran in the kitchen and started eating it.

"This is good!" Liam said licking his fork.

"Well, I gotta say, we make a good group." Dani said coming over close to me. I noticed all the girls smiling besides Ce. Oh shit, I left her under the table.

"Be right back." I said before running into the room with the table she was under. I grabbed her out of the sudden making her jump and scream. I started laughing.

"You-you should of seen your face." I said dying of laughter and rolling around on the floor. All the boys came in. Harry went by Ce's side.

"Don't scare my Ce like that." Harry said wrapping her in a hug and stroking her head. I was laughing as he fake pouted.

"Okay Harry, I see how it is!" I said turning around and pouting. Everyone was laughing at me and Harry's conversation.

"Hey guys, look what I found." Perrie said coming in the room with a newspaper. We all looked at it. It was to the local fair.

"We should go tomorrow!" El said jumping up and down. I nodded jumping with her. "P-alease boys!" Us girls begged. "NO!" They all said in unison. We all gave them the pouty face.

"Oh alright." Liam said. We all started jumping. "We love you boys!." I said as each of us gave them a kiss on the cheek. "Yea. Only when you get your guys' ways!" Zayn said crossing his arms over his chest. I laughed. "This is true, this is true." Ce said. We all walked into the living room.

"Don't worry babe. I love you with or without the fair!" I said kissing his cheeks and giggling as he turned a bright red.

And the truth is, I wasn't lying.

A/N- Hey guys! Im really sorry for the long wait. Im just running out of ideas. Also I saw This Is Us again, this Friday and it was amazing as always. I saw it at 10:45. Im also seeing it again this coming up weekend with the same people who I went with the past 2 times and the 1D concert! What can I say, Im too obsessed for my own good! I love you guys soooooo much, and comments appreciated please! I need to know how you thought of this chapter! Keep hearting, commenting and following!! Love you so much! Stay AMAZAYN! -Maddie :D

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