Still the One -Niall Horan love story

"Best friends forever and always." He said wrapping his small finger around mine. The thing he didn't know was how big my feelings were for him, more than a best friend. I was so close to telling my best friend until he went on the X-Factor without saying goodbye. I haven't talked to him or seen him in three years now. That he was Niall Horan, the one in the world famous boyband, One Direction.


28. England Bound

"Niall over here. Sign this for me." Another girl chanted. Niall smiled and signed as she asked and walked away. We were at the British Awards after a long bus ride and I was stoked. We were staying here for 3 days in separate hotel rooms for a change and the boys had a big venue concert tomorrow.

The lights flashed brightly in my eyes and I immediately put my hand over my face to block it. It's amazing how much media attention the boys get.

"Can you sign this for me? Please Kacey?" I heard a small voice call my name and I turned around to see a little girl around the age of nine look up at my in adoration as her mom gave me a small smile. I nodded.

"Sure sweetie. What's your name?" I asked, crouching down to her level, careful not to flash the media of under my dress.

"Caroline." She said with a toothless grin that made me instantly smile back. Niall had finally noticed I wasn't with him and he walked over to me.

"That's a pretty name. It's a pleasure to meet you." I said giving her the black marker and piece of paper she had out for me to sign. She wrapped her little arms around me and I smiled. It was nice to get positive feedback on me, once and a while.

"You too." She said before giving me one last smile, that I returned-and turned away. I stood of and pulled down my dress.

"That was really sweet of what you just did." Niall's accent said in my ear as he took my hand in his.

"She was really sweet. I can tell she's a big fan of you boys." I said remembering the little girls small, yet big embrace on my heart. I love kids.

"I hope so. I don't know where she would've found you." He said before walking. I giggled and followed his lead with our hands still firmly together.

"Welcome to the 2013 British Awards." A British celebrity said on the stage. Our crew was just sitting down at a table and I started to get excited. I knew this was going to be an amazing memory.




We had made it three-fourths through the show and I was feeling nervous for the boys. They were performing Best Song Ever and a little after, they would be nominated for best summer song 2013.

The boys had just left to go backstage to get ready. Us girls all got next to each other and held on tightly. We were all nervous so we interlocked all of our arms.

"And now with one of the top hits of this summer, One Direction performing Best Song Ever!" The host had to yell the last part due to all the screaming fans and the music starting.

"Maybe it's the way she walked, WOW!" Harry started, earning a loud cheer from CeCe that made my ear tingle.

Niall started his solo, "I said can I take you home with me, she said never in your wildest dreams." He said looking at me and giving a small wink. I blushed and cheered along with the other girls.

The boys finished and the cheers grew louder.

"Best Song Ever by One Direction. See you after the break for our favorite Summer Song 2013." The lady said with a smile towards the camera. The boys all got off the stage and walked towards us.

"You did amazing, guys." I said looking at the boys who were now out of breath.

"Thanks Princess." He said, pecking my lips. I laughed and backed away.

"Your sweaty." I said wiping a sweat tear off of his forehead. He laughed and sat down.

"And we are back, we are now going to announce the Favorite Summer Song 2013." The lady said as the announcers came up. Ariana Grande being one, which was weird considering she's American.

"Here are the nominees." She started as a clip that had the nominees started playing.

"Blurred Lines:Robin Thicke, Clarity:Zedd, Best Song Ever:One Direction, and Royals: Lorde." The males voice echoed throughout the large place.

"And the winner is," Ariana opened up a card. I rolled my eyes and crossed my fingers. "Best Song Ever: One Direction!" She said as the song started playing and the boys went up. Everyone cheered. I was so happy for them. The boys were polite and gave her a hug.

"Thank you to all our fans who voted for us nonstop, this is an honor and we love you guys!" Zayn said before lifting the mini trophy in the air and smiling. The boys walked back. I could tell they were excited. Especially Niall, as he shook in his seat with excitement.

"Congrats." I kissed his cheek and he smiled at me saying thank you. The boys really do work hard and I know they much appreciate this.

"That wraps it up for the 2013 British Awards, thanks for watching. See you next year, bye." The host said and the cameras shut off, followed by us getting up.

"I'm so tired. And these heels kill." Perrie complained. I laughed.

"Yeah same. I think my feet are about to fall off." I said wobbling, but Niall steadying me out before I could fall. I gave him a appreciated smile. And guided his arm around my waist and laid my head on his shoulder as we walked.

"This has been so much fun, but truthfully, I'm so tired." CeCe said yawning. All us girls chimed in our sames and started walking out to the door.

"Okay fine, stop whining and we will take you guys home." Louis said with a laugh. El smacked his chest.

We headed back to the hotel and as soon as Niall and I got into our room, I flopped onto the bed.

"God, these are so uncomfortable. Your so lucky your not a girl Niall." I said unstrapping the gold heals. He laughed.

"Where did that come from?" He asked. He took off his shirt and threw on some sweatpants.

"We have to wear wired bras that dig into your shoulder blades and stomach, and our underwear always finds a way up our bums, and we have to wear makeup that takes the eternity to do, and those dresses and heals, that to me feel like they are ripping the pieces of my foot out one by one." I said closing my eyes and starting to dose off. I opened my eyes to see a blushing Niall at the mention of panties and bras. I kissed his blush and settled into a tank too and sweats.

"Well, guess what?" He asks, immediately wrapping a arm around my waist as I get on the bed.

"Mmmmh?" I asked, closing my eyes.

"You don't need the makeup or dress, you're just as beautiful without it." He said before kissing my head and turning out the lamp. I smiled to myself and fell asleep with the one I loved by me.

A/N- Sorry it took forever, I have had so much softball and tests and homework going on! Anyway SOML music video is AMAZAYN and I'm sorry this chapter sucks, I'm seriously so tired and ready to go to bed. Anyway, follow me on Instagram @maddiemillikan and twitter @maddie_millikan! Love you guys! PLEASE COMMENT I NEED FEEDBACK OR I CANT UPDATE! Bye -Maddie :D

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