Still the One -Niall Horan love story

"Best friends forever and always." He said wrapping his small finger around mine. The thing he didn't know was how big my feelings were for him, more than a best friend. I was so close to telling my best friend until he went on the X-Factor without saying goodbye. I haven't talked to him or seen him in three years now. That he was Niall Horan, the one in the world famous boyband, One Direction.


26. Best Friends

I clicked the last button for the app I had just gotten called Instagram. All of the girls including CeCe and now me have Instagrams, Twitters and Keeks. I haven't yet got Keek, I wasn't sure if I should. But, I already had 2,000 followers after just clicking the join button and putting a picture of me for the profile picture. I didn't know how they found me so fast, but it seemed like the number of followers escalated minute after minute. I added all of the girls first and then the boys and smiled when I had finished. I made my Twitter yesterday after we had gotten back from the talk show.

"Babe, how do you use this?" I whined from our bedroom in the tour bus. We were on the road again, going to the next venue. I was excited. It was in England and one of the biggest venues yet.

"How do you use what?" He asked standing in the small curtain opening with a smile on his face. I smiled in return and made a hand motion for him to come lay down with me. He plopped down on the bed and snuggled close to me.

"Instagram. It's so confusing." I said with a laugh as he took my phone. I saw him press a gear button that meant settings and started typing away. He finally gave it back and I looked at my page. It said Mullingar, Ireland in my bio and above it, it had Kacey Millikan where my name was supposed to go. I smiled and looked down at a box that had a picture in it, that hadn't been there before. It was the picture Niall had taken the day of when I had gotten my phone.

"First Instagram post. @niallhoran." I read aloud at what he had posted. I laughed and looked up at him smiling.

"I thought I should be in your first post, to show that your mine." He said kissing my forehead. I laughed.

"You definitely should be considering having a Instagram was made possible by you." I said looking at my page in admiration.

"Your so popular," He said looking at the orange feed that started popping up one after the other. From followers,likes, and comments. "You already have 20k." He said taking my phone out of my hands and looking at the new 25 comments that had popped up in 5 seconds.

"I think it's because of the talk show yesterday." I admitted. He nodded.

"Probably, because I don't remember Eleanor getting followers that fast." He said, attention on the screen.

"How long did it take Dani and Perrie to get all of their followers?" I asked honestly.

"Dani already had her followers because of her dancing, but she gained a lot more when people found out she was with Liam. But, Perrie's only had hers for a year, and she's popular because of Little Mix, and Zayn too, but mostly Little Mix." He explained taking pauses in between to find the right words to say. I nodded in understanding.

I started going through the comments of the picture and saw mostly positive things about how we were cute and how they were happy for us. But, some people weren't very happy and talked about how Niall deserved better. I stopped reading and turned towards Niall.

He looked at me and put his pointer finger on my face, circling my eyes, nose and lips. I smiled.

"Ni?" I said quietly. He had his eyes closed.

"Mmmmh?" He mumbled still lightly tracing my face.

"I've never loved anyone like I've loved you." I said quietly as goosebumps stood from my skin, from the feeling of his skin meeting my face. He opened his eyes and studied my face. I looked in his crystal blue eyes.

"I never thought we would ever be anything more then best friends. I never thought you would love me like that. And now after I've loved you as my girlfriend more then a best friend, I don't know how I could never confess my feelings. Your the only one that's ever made me feel like who I am, and that's why you are the only one I have ever loved this way also." He said smoothly and slowly not breaking his finger from my face. I giggled and pecked his lips.

"Oh my gosh, you know how I hate when people touch my sides." I said laughing as he brought his hands down to my sides. He laughed and kissed me to stop from laughing. I couldn't help it, I squirmed under his touch and laughed against his lips. He tickled me faster and straddled me lightly to hold me down.

"Ni-Niall." I said in between breaths from giggling. He finally started laughing and brought his lips down to mine once again.

"Dinners rea-WOW!" Liam said covering his eyes and running into the living area. I got up and walked towards the door. Niall playfully slapped my butt and followed behind a giggling me. Once we entered the living area where everyone was seated, 8 pairs of eyes met us, causing me to blush. I sat down next to El while Niall sat down next to Harry.

"Quite some ruckus you guys were making in there." She whispered in my ear as she dished out some salad from a large bowl onto her plate and passed it to me. I gasped and laughed lightly burying my face into my hands.

"So Kacey, I heard you got a Instagram today." Louis said looking over at Niall. I pushed a piece of hair behind my ear and nodded.

"Yea, I decided to finally make one. Oh and I followed all of you. I think it's just my name for my username." I said starting to take a piece of chicken of the plate that was now being passed around.

"Just be careful babe, people can be pretty rude." Perrie said sliding her phone back into her pocket.

"Will do." I said with a smile as we all started eating.

"So do you guys like my cooking?" Harry asked cheekily before looking at everyone.

"Harry just because you heated chicken strips in the oven doesn't mean your a master chef." Zayn said while laughing. Harry gasped.

"I guess you don't like my chicken." Harry said with a pout, and crossed his arms over his chest. Everyone laughed and joked at Harry. Harry really was a good cook, we just couldn't have home cooked meals anymore due to always traveling or being in a hotel. We didn't have all the regular kitchen things, so we had to keep it to a minimum. And even if it was just heating chicken up, or making a homemade pizza, Harry was always the cook, with help from Ce and us girls for side stuff.

"Okay, let's stop joking at Harry. He actually did throw a pretty good meal together." I said admiring the chicken, salad, and steamed carrots. Everyone agreed.

"So, even though we've been on tour with you for months, how are all you girls liking it?" Louis asked all of us. "How about all of you go in a line?" Niall said, starting with a finger towards Eleanor.

"I think it's been amazing. I remember last year only doing it for a week because I had too much modeling going on. But, I'm glad I did it this year because I got to meet all of my best friends." El said. I awed and side hugged her. Everyone looked at me, ready for me to start. I noticed Niall looking at me mostly looking for an answer.

"It's been the best 2 months of my life. I never have really left Mullingar, so it's amazing to see all the new stuff, and like El said, I've made all new best friends, that me and Ce never had in school." I smiled at everyone and looked at CeCe who was nodding to what I had said.

"It's been nice to see all the directioners. I've only seen the mixers. But I have made two new friends and I'm glad Little Mix took a one year break, because this has been so amazing." She said looking at each and every one of us. I smiled. I was going to miss my crew.

"Best summer I have ever had. It even tops the one where me and Kace spilt ice cream all over these really hot guys, and they got so pissed. But I really am great full for these past two months and I hope we can do it again." She said. I laughed at the time. I remember spilling ice cream all over the boys, and one happened to be Jake, my ex boyfriend I talked about in the coffee shop back in Mullingar.

"It's been awesome to have a break from dancing and hang out with the ones I love. I never got to do that, but this is the most Liam and I have spent together since we've been together for 3 years. So it's been amazing." Dani said. We all talked about how we didn't want to leave in a month and watch the boys continue touring. But, we promised to make the best out of it all and have the best last month.

I truly love my best friends and am so happy that I met them all.

A/N- hola! I loved Nacey in this chapter like omfg how cute! And she finally got a twitter and Instagram like the rest of the girls. Whale tell me what you think! I need feedback and omg I haven't gotten a comment in weeks! Please keep hearting,commenting, and following! Love YOU GUYS SOOOOO MUCH! Bye! -Maddie:D P.S. It's not anywhere near over so don't get your panties in a twist!

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