Forbidden love

Emily used to have a normal life . Everything's changed since her older brother auditioned for the X-Factor . People never see the real her until "He" does . The boy she's secretly loved since Day 1 . But the only difficult thing about dating him is . We'll they can't date


10. Chapter 9

Me and Anne walked for what seemed like forever . Until we reached a gas station , we both walked in . " Hello guys how are y'all ?"

A lay with a thick country accent said from behind the counter . " Fine um do you have a outlet ??" I asked while smiling .

" You bet we do ! Follow me Hun !" She said with a big smile on her face which was full of freckles . " Emily I think we should just go .." Anne said cautiously . The lady was leading us up some stairs .

" mam where is the outlet ? " I asked stopping me and Anna from walking in . The lady smiled , and opened a door , " there isn't one . "

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