Forbidden love

Emily used to have a normal life . Everything's changed since her older brother auditioned for the X-Factor . People never see the real her until "He" does . The boy she's secretly loved since Day 1 . But the only difficult thing about dating him is . We'll they can't date


7. Chapter 6

I waited in the hospital lobby . My 3 friends , 1 being my big brother , 1 being my forbidden lover , 1 being my bestfriend . My mum was sitting across from me . Crying , I held her hand . " Mum , can I tell you a secret ? " , my mom half smiled , " sure Hun anything " she said sweetly . That's what I loved about my mother , in her hardest times she still smiled and acted like her normal self . " the only reason , Harry was firing me was to get revenge on a girl , I egged her house and spray painted her garage ." I said looking at my shoes . My mum stood up , and walked out . Tears streamed down my face . She came back in and sat down . " mum please let me expla-!" She cut me off . " save it Emily Marie styles , you did wrong and there will be severe consequences , trust me on that . !" . I nodded . The three crippled boys came out of the room . They looked pained . " Harry , Sam , Niall how are you guys ?" My mom said running up to them . " mum were fine , just a bit bruised that's all !" Harry said smiling . Sam nodded , and Niall stayed quiet . My mum drove us all home , Sam Didn't want to tell his mom , so he stayed the night all the boys stayed in Harry's room . My mum took my laptop and phone and tv away . I went to sleep , Niall came in my room . " Emily it's ok babe !" He said hugging me . We cuddled until like 3 am then he kissed me passionately . He walked to Harry's room . I woke up at 12 pm , " Emily pack your bags , your moving to a camp for the rest of the year !" My mom said glaring at me . Tears filled my eyes , " mom what are you talking about ?" She nodded . " this is your punishment Emily , you did a great job at losing my trust , and leaving town is the only way to solve your actions !" She made me pack . She made breakfast for the boys , pancakes and eggs . I smelled them and regretted all last night . I heard my mom yell up the stairs , " Emily , your train leaves at 4 !" . I heard footsteps come up the stairs , it was Niall . " Hey babe what train are you going on ?" . My face burned " we'll I'm moving to a uh camp for the rest of uh the year .." , " it's my uh .. Punishment ." Nialls face went blank . His eyes Welled up with tears . His eyes went from a neutral blue , to a white baby blue . He walked out . I ran after him . " Niall where are you going ?!" Oh shit , my mum and my brother and Sam were staring at me .

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