Forbidden love

Emily used to have a normal life . Everything's changed since her older brother auditioned for the X-Factor . People never see the real her until "He" does . The boy she's secretly loved since Day 1 . But the only difficult thing about dating him is . We'll they can't date


5. Chapter 5

We heard a knock on the window We all gasped . I opened it , and there he was . I bit my lip and I hugged him . It was the famous blonde blue eyed Irish boy Niall Horan , Harry's band mate . Me and him always had a thing for each other , but Harry would never allow us to date. Which pained me . Only one person knew about me and nialls Secret relationship last summer , and that was Sam . " Um we'll I better get home ." Sam said looking as if he was about to tell Harry everything . " OK BYE SAM !" Harry looked at me as if I was crazy , " You could stay the night if you want Sam ?" . Sam smiled and turned around to look at me and made his eyes huge , thinking about to turn down the oppurtunity or to take it . Sam quickly said , " I would really love to bu-." Harry cut him off , " I'll talk to your mum , pretend to be doing a science project with Emily ." Sam nodded . Harry got up and walked out of my room , and to Sams house . Sam followed .

Nialls POV :

I made it clear with harry to visit him , which was my excuse to see Emily . " How you been babe ?" She smiled and leaned in , I kissed her for about 2 minutes . For being pretty young she was a amazing kisser . I missed her so much , last summer was perfect , I visited her at her friends beach house , in Miami .

Emily's POV : I missed his lips . I missed him . "So how's the tour been ?" He smiled again , " pretty good I missed you so muh em !" He hugged me . To feel his warmth again , soothed me , In many ways , but I still had to get revenge on Isabella or Bella whatever her stupid name was . Me and Ni made out one more time , until we heard Harry's footsteps and Sams come up the stairs . " so how are you Niall ? " Sam said to cover up a awkward silence . Niall smiled , his beautiful cheeky smile , got me every time . " it's been great man , I just have so much fun you know ?" Sam smiled and nodded . Harry yawned . . " Emily where do you want me to take you ? " I smired . Yes let's go Niall and Harry can sit in the back . Harry lead us to his beautiful car . We stared down the road . " hey haz stop here !" I'm going to get some things , Niall want to come with me ?" Niall nodded " sure em !" . " Niall smirked " Emily Marie Styles , you indeed are a cheeky one , you little cutie !" He kissed my cheek . " hey Niall let's play a game , you go get the red spray paint in aisle 12 and I'll go get the eggs in the produce section first one back wins .!" We both yelled " GO!" We ran off . I ran and grabbed the eggs and ran back to the main lobby . Niall was already in line to pay . He smirked , " what do I win Emily ?" He winked . And we walked out . When we got in the car , Harry was half asleep . " hey em , um where are we going ?" I gave him the tricky directions . Once we got to the gated community , " um haz wait here !" I'll be back ." I quickly ran to her house painted the red spray on the White garage . I egged her window and her yard . After I finished , I started toward haz vehicle . I stopped when I heard aloud Crash .

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