Forbidden love

Emily used to have a normal life . Everything's changed since her older brother auditioned for the X-Factor . People never see the real her until "He" does . The boy she's secretly loved since Day 1 . But the only difficult thing about dating him is . We'll they can't date


2. Chapter 2

After I got home from school . My head was aching and my feet were swollen . My mum and step dad wouldn't be home until 10:00 . I had 5 hours to myself . I grabbed a ham sandwich from the fridge and a glass of cherry soda . I put on my favorite movie Shrek . I didn't realize I had dozed off . I turned off the the tv and put my plate and cup in the sink . I washed up and started to prepare dinner . My mum works really hard even though she doesn't have to because Harry basically pays for our phone bills and tv bills and all our extra fees . So I decided to make her favorite Lasagna ! As I finished preparing the meat . I boiled the noodles and sat down to watch some tv . I charged my phone and logged on to twitter . Harry was with Niall and Liam right now . I logged off and finished preparing the meal . I washed up and changed into my pajamas and waited for my mum to come home . After about 25 minutes I heard a knock on the door . I yelled coming down the stairs " I'll be right there mom !" I realized mom was home early there was still another 20 minutes until her shift ended . I opened the door and saw my talk curly haired brother . " Hi Emily !" . I gasped .

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