Story Of My Life


1. Prologue

August 24, 2013

Today was the usual, the boring reading of the rule book and shit. That awful first day of school. Everyone comes all fancy looking and I'm sitting there in sweats. I walk into geometry to find that H is sitting in the first desk. He smiles at me as I walk past. I was so tempted to sit next to him, but I never wanna look to clingy. H was wearing a nice plaid shit and ripped jeans. It was quite attractive if I say so myself. I couldn't keep my eyes off him the whole time. That was the highlight of my day. But yeah to close my blog today, overall it was a pretty shitty day.

-secret joy

I close my laptop screen and lay there in my bed. My skin started to glisten from the excruciating heat coming in from outside. I braid my long blonde hair into one side braid and make my way downstairs to the kitchen.

"It's about time you come down, dinners getting cold."

"Oh shut up, it's only been an hour"

"Eat your damn food" my mom chuckles.

"How was your day?"

"Fine" I lie, it really wasn't just fine.

I play around with the food on my plate. I wasn't hungry. At all.

"I'm going to go shower." I use as an excuse to leave the table.

The warm water hits my back as I step into the shower. It feels good after a long day. I literally stand in there for an hour cause it felt so damn good. My skin starts to wrinkle and I step out onto a gray towel. The mirror wasn't transparent cause of how much fog covered it. Looks like my life. Everything covered up so nobody could see. This is the story of my life. I am me.

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