Me and Nialll

One girl named Yasmin meet a boy named Niall will they fall in love? READ THE STORY TO FIND OUT!(:


1. Meeting Niall

Hurry up your gonna be late for school ' I heard my mom yelling from downstairs I'll be there in a bit ' I yelled back to my mom I went downstairs and grave my backpack and we left We were in school already Take care' My mom told me as I was getting out of the car I entered school I found my BFF Karen Hi Yasmin so did you heard about the prom there's gonna be? No I haven't ' I said she hang me a paper and it said about the prom and when it was gonna be. We should go I heard it's gonna be Awesome ' Karen said. Idk besides no one would never ask me out to the prom' I said with a kind of sad voice. Karen come I need to tell you something 'I heard a loud voice screaming for my bffs name .well got to go talk to you later'She said .I was walking alone towards my locker when a guy accidentally push me and I felt with the books on my hand. I'm so sorry 'The guy said it's ok I said back. Besides Hi I'm Niall Horan nice to meet you' Niall said. I was looking at his beautiful blue eyes and his beautiful blonde hair that I was shocked he was so cute Umm Hi I'm Yasmin nice to meet you to .

Niall's POV

Umm Hi I'm Yasmin nice to meet you to' she said she was so beautiful with her Blonde hair and green eyes. Are you new here or something cuz I don't see yuh around much' I said.No I'm not new here lol and yeah I don't see you around either' she said. Well it was nice meeting you' I said. Yes it was nice meeting you and I think we have classes together' Yasmin said .Um yeah I think we do lol well see you around later.

~Hi I'm Anel well this is my first story I'm doin hope yuh like the first chapter doin the other chapter tomarrow!(:

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