Worst luck ever

A girl named Lillian hates one direction! But what will happen if she takes her 17 year old crazed fan girl sister to see one direction live? Will she fall for Harry or for the Irish hotty Niall


2. meeting one D

*Lilian's POV *

Today is the day that I take my sister to meet one direction. She was very exited. Unlike me! I don't like one direction. But I had to take her. There was only one thing I was looking forward to and that is that this is the first time I'm going to a concert! I better go get ready!

*2 hours later*

*sigh* After 2 hours of going through my closet I finally found something I'm happy with! I put on a striped t shirt and red skinny jeans. I curled my hair today but my hair is naturally straight so it was hard to keep it curly. I went in to my sisters room and saw a huge mess! "What happened!" I yelled "I couldn't find anything nice. I tried on every thing but it was either to small or to big!" She yelled back. She looked so worried I was starting to feel bad for her. She is only 17 and she wants to look good for the boys of of one direction. She sat on the edge of the bed and put her face in her hands. "What am I going to do?" "I think I know. Look follow me." I took her in to my room. "What are we doing here?"she asked. "Well since you could not find any thing to where I'm going to lend you some of my clothes." I replied. Her frown turned into a smile "Wow really! You would do that for me!" She said excitedly "Yeah sure." I put some clothes on the bed and said "Hey Jess try this on, I'm going to go get some make up." "Ok" she said

*10 minutes later*

By the time I returned Jess had finished putting on the clothes "Wow Jess you look nice." "Thanks" she said. "Ok now I'm going to put you on some make up, ok?" I said she nodded. While I was applying to her face some makeup she told me that her favorite member is Harry and she really wants things to spark between him and her (even though he is into older women)

*1 hour later*

I was finished putting makeup on her then I gave her the option to chose what ever color of lipstick she wants. I went to the restroom to apply some make up on my face. Once I finished I went back to my room and saw she had chosen a light pink lipstick and some clear gloss. I have to say she did look nice. "Here's the lipstick you let me borrow." She said. "Keep it" I said she smiled "OMG we're going to be late!" She yelled "Ok I'll get the keys and meet you out side!" I yelled "Ok" she said running to the door.

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