Worst luck ever

A girl named Lillian hates one direction! But what will happen if she takes her 17 year old crazed fan girl sister to see one direction live? Will she fall for Harry or for the Irish hotty Niall


1. just my luck

Lilian's POV

" I don't want to do this!" I yelled at my mother. "You have to!" She yelled back. "Why do I have to?" I asked. "Because I'm busy that day and so is your father plus you are the only young adult that can drive." My mother told me. We were arguing about who was going to take my little sister to the one direction concert she had won tickets to. I hated one direction they are just a bunch on fakes who use to much auto tune! "What's in it for me?" I said. "You will get out of doing your choirs for 3 weeks." "Make it a month." I said. "Deal!" My mother said. I went upstairs to tell Jessy the news. "Hey Jess when is the concert?" I asked. "Next Monday, why?" She asked. "Because I'm taking you to the concert!" I said. She looked at me and then yelled "Omg your first one direction concert! You need to learn every thing about them!" I'm going to regret this I thought to my self.

*Five very long hours later *

"Are we done?"I asked exhausted. "For today we are. Tomorrow we continue. Okay?" Jess said "okay" I answered."And then we go to the concert! Jess said "can't wait!" I said sarcastically

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