Selena in Mexico

Selena goes on a vacation in Mexico when trying to connect to her roots. In the process she gets a lot more than she was hoping for.


1. The Landing Strip

After eating quesadillas for lunch in Mexico with her family, shorty after landing; Selena went to the mall with her cousin, Priscilla. She brought Priscilla with her from Texas, their native state. They planned on getting new bikinis and coverups, but not souvenirs yet since they'd be staying for a whole week.

Once in the mall Sel was stopped a few times for autographs and photos, but for the most part she was Incognito. They went to the store that said "los trajes de baños bonitos" or beautiful bathing suits. Priscilla quickly found a red and black one that she adored and went to try it on immediately. Selena on the other hand was more indecisive so went to the back of the store to see what else they had. Selena saw more than she was looking for when a tall, light brown haired 20 something guy was staring at her. Her first impression was that he was hot so her cheeks got rosey when she felt his eyes on her. She proceeded and found more bathing suits she liked. She grabbed about four and approached the dressing room. She was stopped by the man as he stepped in front of her and warned her that there's no lock on the first door. "Oh thanks for letting me know" selena murmured. "I figured it's better this way. If you went into the first dressing room, I'd have to take a look." He told her and winked. "Oh" Selena said, stunned and blushing. She went to the second door and decided on a zebra print bathing suit. After purchasing it she made her way out of the store quickly, trying not to be stopped by the flirt. After purchasing mainly clothing items at the mall, Selena and Priscilla were driven to the hotel they'd be staying at.

Selena was mesmorized by the massive size and beauty of the hotel. While she and Priscilla were waiting in the lobby for their room keys, selena thought she saw a familiar face. Oh no, it can't be, no way, definitely not him-it was. The cute flirty guy from the bathing suit store was standing right across the lobby from her. He was at the bar with his head slightly turned from her. He turned around and looked at her. This is gonna be interesting.

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