He's Hiding Something

I was a normal teenage girl... Then he came.... He changed everything... You could say he changed my life for the worst... But, I think he changed it for the better... He may not be normal... But, I love him... And, he loves me... I guess all I really need is love... I maybe a Christian, who fell for something most people say is a monster... But, he's not... He's the opposite... He's kind, he's loving... Not many people know, how his kind really is.... Many people don't even believe in his kind... I didn't before this all happened...


1. Prologue -Rebecca's P.O.V.-

-Prologue (Rebecca's P.O.V.)-

Hey peoples! My name is Rebecca Carter! I have brown hair, and brown eyes.

 Boring right? Oh well... I'm fine with it... I guess... I'm single. Been asked out a lot though.... The only guy I plan on saying yes to is Austin Barnett: 

He is HOT! He has brown hair, and beautiful blue/green eyes. He is so fun, and sweet, and athletic, and AMAZING! Everyone says we would make a cute couple! All my friends, and his friends, think he is going to ask me out soon... The reason? His friends said he likes me! I'm 17, in my senior year, of High School. I love the color purple! My best friend is Juliet Jackson. She's great... My parents are always away on 'Business Trips', so it's pretty much, me alone, at my place... I'm an only child... I was supposed to have an older brother, but, my mom ended up having a miscarriage... Erm... Well... That's me! 

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