He's Hiding Something

I was a normal teenage girl... Then he came.... He changed everything... You could say he changed my life for the worst... But, I think he changed it for the better... He may not be normal... But, I love him... And, he loves me... I guess all I really need is love... I maybe a Christian, who fell for something most people say is a monster... But, he's not... He's the opposite... He's kind, he's loving... Not many people know, how his kind really is.... Many people don't even believe in his kind... I didn't before this all happened...


2. Prologue -Louis' P.O.V.-

-Prologue (Louis' P.O.V.)-

I'm Louis Tomlinson. I'm going to go a new school. I'm rolling in saying I'm 17, and a senior. Truth? I'm 250 years old... I know what you're thinking... Well... I'm a vampire... I was turned 233 years ago, when I actually was 17, by a girl, I got hurt, she healed me with her blood, then I got attacked by a wolf, with her blood still in my system, died, came back a vampire. Weird right? I was confused. I found her, she feed me a human, told me everything, and that's how it happened. I guess she thought she was helping, but, she ruined my life... Completely. It's hard... Moving after people start to realize, you're not aging, craving human blood, hurting people, never being able to live a NORMAL life, no family, nothing... It sucks... I've never killed anyone luckily, I always heal them... I want a life, I want to fall in love, have a family.... But, I can't... I haven't talked to the girl who changed me in 228 years... Once, I learned everything there is to know about being a vampire, I left, she tried to find me but, I didn't let her... I hid... Her name? Elizabeth Washington. We look normal unless, we feel intimidated, smell blood, are hungry, or angry. If we are any of those, our fangs come out, our eyes turn red, it turns dark, around our eyes, and our veins, by our eyes pop out. This is me, and I don't enjoy it...

-Author's Note-

Heyo! How are you beautiful people? If you are wondering, yes I did use some of the things like 'The Vampire Diaries', So I guess it is a One Direction/Vampire Diaries Fanfiction. That's all for now! Love you! 


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