Tearing him apart

Hey my name is Dessire but you can call me Des i have curly brown hair and green eyes i like music and my laptop and two boys at school named Harry Styles and Niall Horan and im not sure who to choose. The main problem is tearing these best friends. apart


1. if looks could kill

  Athena: Im picking you up in 10 mins be ready

Dessire: Will do


  I pulled on my black skinny jeans and my gray Nirvana shirt then my black beanie and white converse, then i walked to my bathroom and applied mascara and lip gloss brushed through my hair and put on my contacts then got my backpack and ran downstairs were my grey pittbull Macy greeted me with a slobber kiss on the cheek "hi Macy baby" i cooed i heard a car horn beeping and i ran out of my flat. I saw Athena singing and dancing in her car i rolled my eyes and smiled i walked over to the car and opened the door the music blasted loud it was some crap band she all ways listen to "you know i hate this kind of music" i shouted "yes but you know i love it" she replied turning down the music and giving me a smirk. I punched her arm "just drive" she rolled her eyes and started driving to school "So your going to the party at Harry's tonight right" she asked me turning the corner "well i don't know its a school night and i still have a lot of stuff to do unpacking, and your making me go anyways aren't you" "yeeesss i am" she smiled and pulled into the parking lot i sighed grabbed my stuff and got out of the car "SO whats your schedule?" "um 1 period is-" than i ran straight into something hard and tumbled back into Athena and dropped my books "Oh im sorry i didn't see you standing there, are you OK" "y-ya im fine" i stamerd then i looked up to see a pair of beautiful eyes staring into mine "Hi im Niall" he said with a smile "um h-i-i im Dessire " i stutterd "Nice to meet you Dessire" then he looked over my shoulder and waved to someone "I have to go, you going to Harrys tonight" "Yes she is" answerd Athena i just nodded "Great see you tonight then he jogged over to a group of guys "OMG" Athena squeld "if looks could kill" i murmerd 

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