Tearing him apart

Hey my name is Dessire but you can call me Des i have curly brown hair and green eyes i like music and my laptop and two boys at school named Harry Styles and Niall Horan and im not sure who to choose. The main problem is tearing these best friends. apart


2. butterflys

     School went by fast and i was kinda happy about it i hate to admit it but i really wanted to get to that party. I met Athena in the parking lot and she gave me a ride home "see ya at 9" she called then she sped off. I unlocked my front door and walked inside dropping my bag on my couch and ran upstairs. I quickly opened my closet and looked for a cute party dress the only thing i could find was my dress from last years prom, it was a teal color that sort of hugged my body it was down to my knees and had straps. I was dissapointed that was all i had but oh well. I sent a picture of the dress to Athena and waited for her response 

Athena: NOOOOO i am not letting you wear that, ill be over in 5 mins with a better dress in the mean time throw that thing away!!!!!

Dessire: Thanks 

I flopped onto my bed and opened my laptop to check Facebook there was a bunch of things about tonight's party tons of pictures of what girls were wearing it was crazy!. Then i heard a knock at the door and ran downstairs to answer it but Athena just let herself in. I stopped in my tracks and my mouth fell open she looked beautiful she had her hair in loose curls that flowed down to her lower back and she wore a red strapless skin tight dress with black pumps. "You look amazing!!!" "aw thank you but not amazing as you are gonna look" she squealed pushing me up the stairs "go get in the shower and ill get your outfit onto your bed and your makeup then she pushed me into the bathroom. I took off my shirt and bra then my pants and undies I turned on my shower to all the way hot and hopped in i tried to make it quick but i all ways have to sing Royals or Brave but i made sure i didn't i got out of the shower and dried my hair then i brushed my teeth for the third time today and wrapped a towel around my body then walked into my room Athena had my outfit on my bed like she said, she wasent in my room so she was probably downstairs watching tv. I put on my black strapless bra and lacy black bikini undies. I walked over to my bed and examined the little black dress lying on my bed. It was really cute...and short i squeezed it on it was really hard because of my curves i looked at myself in the full body mirror "wow" i breathed it did look amazing on me it hugged my figure perfectly but it showed my cleavage ALOT i slid on my black pumps and then grabbed my little leather purse and put my iPhone in it. I walked down stairs and like i thought Athena was just sitting on the couch watching t.v., she heard my coming downstairs and looked up  "OMG YOU LOOK SO SEXY" she screeched then she quickly stood up and ran to me "OK time for makeup" she grabbed my hand and sat me down on the couch i watched her dig through her purse and she grabbed everything dark besides lip gloss "close your eyes" she commanded then i felt her apply eye shadow  and lip gloss "now open" she did my mascara and blush then backed away "PERFECT" she shouted then she grabbed her purse and my hand "lets gooooo" she squealed and dragged me out the door and into her car we both got in and we sped off. I pulled out my phone and turned on the camera to see my makeup wow i look amazing, the makeup was perfectly done. "Were heeerrrrreeeee" Athena screeched. We both got out and looked at the house "Woah this is like the size of my flat stacked on top of each other 10 times!!!!!" "Now lets go inside" Athena said and then smiled. Suddenly i got super nervous.

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