A Christmas Gift

I will write a personal perfect christmas day chapter for you... You could have a romance, the perfect gift, or a great day out with the family... Read the instructions and then comment for my christmas gift to you x


3. Megites: Meeting My Acting Idols

Megan was a beautiful 15 year old girl. She had brown curly shoulder lengthed hair, and really dark brown eyes. She loved to read, write, draw, and act. This was just perfect as she was in charge of setting up the christmas school play, and had the main acting role as well. She enjoyed reading the scripts she wrote. She also enjoyed helping with all the drawing and decoration making. Megan was so excited about the Christmas school play because if the school raised enough money, Megan and the acting crew would get to see real actors at a red carpet event.


Megan tried her best to well all the tickets for £5 each, so they had a full house. The day before the play, Megan managed to sellcher final ticket. She jumped up and down screaming with excitement. She was crying out with tears of joy "I sold the last ticket!" This over excitement was probably why her mates thought she was crazy, and a little insane. When the day of the play came around, Megan shined out brighter, and braver than all the rest. She didn't stutter once. She was far to excited about next week. At the end of the Christmas school play the teachers announced the red carpet event next week. Every girl screamed hystericaly, while the hoys groaned, covering their sensetive ears. That night Megan found it impossible to get to sleep, as she squirmed uncontrollable with excitement.




It was the day of the red carpet event. Megan boarded the school bus with a wide smie across her face. When everyone arrived at their destination, Megan could not hold in allvthe excitement, as she squealed at the sight of David Tennant walking by. She was proper fan-girling right now. All the girls could not single file off of the bus, as they made a desperate dash to get off of the bus. Before Megan could follow the rest of the girls, the head teacher called her back beside the bus. The teacher said to her with a friendly smile "I want you to be our little junior reporter". Megan squealed as the teacher handed her a clipboard and pen. It was like her dream of meeting her famous idols was finally coming true. She was going to get up close ans personal with David Tennant, as well as many other famous men".


Megan walked along the edge of the red carpet in search of famous men to interview. She was looking around for David Tennant, when she bumped into the one and only Alan Rickman. He spoke in a stern menacing tone. "I suggest you watch where your going young lady". Megan squealed and said excitedly "oh my gosh! You sounded just like how you talk in Harry Potter just then!" Alan Rickman said crossly "what is it that you want?" Megan gulped and said maturly and as clearly as she could "what was it like playing Snape, the potions master in Harry Potter?" Alan Rickman spoke slowly, as Megan got writing down information he gives. "Well I did enjoy it. It gave me a chance to be a little stern, without people hating me. I enjoyed making people think I was the bad guy, when really i was a good guy". Megan said with interest "and how did you feel about dying in the last film?" Alan Rickman said quickly "I didn't really mind, because I had read the book, and all was expected". Megan was about to ask another question when Alan Rickman pushed her aside and said "I really don't have time for questions today". Megan pleaded for an autograph before he left. He said with a sigh "just as long as you then leave me alone".

Megan proceeded with her famous people's search. Shecsoon spotted Benedict Cumberbatch. Megan ran over to him, clipboard and pen at the ready. She shouted to him to get his attention. "benedict! Benedict!" Benedict Umberbatch said with a sigh "what do you want? An autograph?" Megan said cheerfully "oh yes please". Benedict Cumberbatch began writing his autograph as Megan said quickly "can I ask you a few questions as well?" Benedict Cumberbatch said with another sigh "oh alright then. But only a few as I'm really busy". Megan excitedly said "ok, ok" and began asking away.  "Did you enjoy the role of Khan in Star Trek  Into Darkness?" Benedict Cumberbatch said maturly "yeah it was a blast". A lady called to him, as he quixkly said "I really have to go now sorry". Megan huffed crossly, she really wasn't doing very well at getting her questions answered.

Megan was feeling a little upset at her progress, butsoon cheered up when she spotted Martin Freeman all by himself. She ran over to him saying quickly "please can I have your autograph?" Martin Freeman said with a smile "yeah sure thing". Megan then asked "cancI ask you a few questions for the school paper?" Martin Freeman said softly "I will be happy to abliege". Megsn begsn asking away. "Did you enjoy playing Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit?" Martin Freeman said cheerfully "I loved it. I really enjoyed it". Megan continued with "what was it like being picked up by that troll thing? How did they do that then?" Martin Freeman said "we used wires, and computer software. It is a lot of technical stuff I can't really go into right now". Megan then said "how did they do Golem? Is he a real person, or CGI, or what?" Somebody called out to Martin Freeman, as he apologised, and left Megan standing once sgsin by herself. She was getting really fed up by now. And she still couldn't find David Tennant.

Megan was about ready to give up and head back to the bus, when she heard girls screaming hysterically. She rurned around to see a load of pretty girls crowding round David Tennant. Megan sqeaked with exctiement, and ran to join the crowd. She sqeazed through all the girl to get nearer the front. She was about to ask David Tennant for an autograph when a girl screamed out "oh my gosh your so fit, just kiss me!" David Tennant looked at Megan thinking it was her that had said it. David Tennant did one of his gorgeous smiles and said cheekily "anything for a fan". He then bent down, kissing Megan on the cheek. Megan blushed with embaressment, as girls looked really jelous at her. Megan held out a piece of paper and pen in a daze and said "autograph". David Tennant laughed and said "isn't a kiss enough?" He then took the paper and pen from her, signed it, added a heart and a kiss, then walked off saying "bye then". Megan stood on the spot, hypnotized by how fit he was. The crowd of girls continued to stalk him, as Megan slowly wandered back to the bus.


Merry Christmas Megites!

I hope you enjoyed seeing all those famous people on the red carpet. And the surprise kiss ;)

Hope you liked interviewing all your idols today! Have a very Merry Christmas!!!! :D

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