Will Chrissy finally fall for the popular One Direction?


1. Just Another Day

Once again I was awoken by the deafening sound of Donna, my little sister. I pulled myself out of bed and left my room. Today she was screeching because she didn't like the healthy cereal Mum had bought for us. I could tell Mum was stressed, I always can because it seems to be a daily thing now. It's been this way since Dad left four years ago, when I was fourteen.

"Chrissy, give me a hand will you?"

Sighing I placed a slice of bread in the toaster, got out the butter, put it next to the toaster and slumped down opposite Donna at the table.

I stared at my sister as she made her barbies waddle around like penguins.

"Mrs Cheesecake be nice to Starberry or I will cut off your hair!" Wailed Donna wiggling a finger in front of 'Mrs Cheesecake's' plastic and symmetrical face.

I got caught up in my thoughts of how most girls want to be barbie-like, I don't understand it, they're pretty much paper thin! I jumped at the sound of the toast pinging out. I got a knife and started to spread the toast, trying to cover the burnt bits best I could.

"Thank you" Donna smiled as she took a bite out of the toast.

I don't usually eat breakfast so I dragged myself back down the hall to the bathroom and took a quick shower. I wrapped up in a towel and waddled to my four walled bedroom. Picked out an outfit, a purple floral dress, white ballet shoes and a lucky charm necklace. I leaned in front of the mirror and applied my makeup. By then I had awoken my zombie state and threw my bag over my shoulder.

I glanced through to the kitchen where Donna was skipping around listening to "one thing" by One Direction. Her obsession is unhealthy, she's only eight. Personally I don't see why they are so brilliant, they're just another pointless boyband.

"GOODBYE" I yelled before placing my headphones into my ears and turning the radio up.

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