Secretly a man

Dares. Clothes changing. Gender switch. The crazy tale of One Direction


2. Chapter 2

  "I WANT MY OWN!" Louis screamed at Niall before crying a river

  "Shut up, ima slap the living munches out of ya!" Niall slapped louis a couple times. "I got the boobs here now kiss me!" Louis began kissing Nialls hands 

  "I love you booby man!" he cried

  "What is happening?" Zayn with one eye brow rose. 

  "IM SHAVE THAT EYE BROW OFF TOO," harry shaved zayns other eyebrow


  "love those eyebrows," Liam slid slowly towards to zayn "love me. Take me away" 

  "What?," zayn stopped crying slowly wrapping his harry arms around liam

  "yes exactly"

   "OKAY NOW I NEED SOME CLOTHES!" Niall screamed.

  "I got some in my closet also," Harry said shyly 

  "Why?," zayn asked.

  "TAYLOR GOD DAMN SHE WENT HOME NAKED! I needed clothes for my nana but taylor to fat for my nana and her clothes stink"

  "Then why do I have to wear nasty clothes?"

  "Because you do!," HArry angrly grabbed tays clothes and tossed them to Niall

  "I have a girlfriend what she gonna say?"


  "Fine," Niall stripped butt naked and put on the mini skirt and small bra. "IM BEAUTIFUL!" 


  Niall is now in a white van with a bowl of candy. He drives past a few young people "HEY! YOU" Niall begins to make kissy faces at them. "Want some candy, sugar?" The one of the guys comes up and kisses Niall

  "Whats your name baby?"

  "Oh um Barbra June the um sugar women with bags on her chest! LOOK I HAVE BOOBS"

  "Mmm sexy!" He licks his lips "So you got candy for me?" he winked at Niall

  "Yeah! what kind you want sugar bear?"

  "White chocolate with a side of sass," he smirked

  "Oh okay!" Niall reached behind in the van and grabbed white chocolate and put a smile face on it "here!" he threw the candy bar at his face and hit the gas pedal. Instead of escaping he hit a cat. The cat flew up in the air. Niall screamed

  "SHUT THE FUCK UP YOUR TRANS ! I CAN FLYYYYYYYYYYYYY," chanted the cat that was now peeing on the hood of the car. 

  "Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Niall yelled and tears came out of his eyes and mouth holes

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