Secretly a man

Dares. Clothes changing. Gender switch. The crazy tale of One Direction


1. Chapter 1

  "LOUIS YOU CANT DO THAT!," screamed the one and only Harry

  "Aw Harry please!" He begged

  "No! Not here, the others are watching!" Louis crossed his arms and pulled away from Harry and watched the other boys. "Good now Liam dare Niall or Zayn something"

  "Oh IM SO HAPPY TODAY! Payne Train on the way! Ok ok Niall truth or dare !?!?"

  "Dare." Niall became as sweaty as a pig when its getting chopped up into bacon. YUM BACON.

  "I dare you to pretend to be a girl for the rest of the month."

  "WHAT!" Niall yelled 

  "WHAT!" Zayn yelled along

  "What?" Liam questioned with a smirk

  "Can I meet up with Tay Tay whore swift and be best FRIENDS WITH HER?" Niall started clapping

  "Sure! Just make sure to bring a hit song back with ya"

  "OKAY! But how am I going to look like a girl?"

  "I got this," Louis stood up and slicked his hair back with his spit and made magical hair brushes and make up case appear from no where. He stood behind Niall with a big smile and started to cut his hair.

  "WHAT THE HECK!" Niall yelled

  "Its better for the wig if you were bold"

  "Ohh okay continue" Louis shaved niall bold then slid on the brown wig then went infront of him to apply make up on him.

  He started to put pink and purple makeup on him intill he looked girly. "GOOD! NOW WE NEED FAKE BOOBS," Louis yelled

  "I have some in my room," Harry said with a blush.

  "Why?," Zayn rose a eyebrow

  "Better put that eyebrow down before I cut it off." Harry spat at him. 

  "But why--" Harry stood and slapped zayn in the butt cheek and grabbed the shaver from Louis's hands and ran it over Zayns eyebrow

  "There but I have them because Tay forgot them before we broke up" Harry fell to the ground and started crying "SHE WAS THE BEST PLASTIC WANNA BE THAT EVER LIVEd" he cried harder and harder. He was now rolling around in Niall's hair

  "Give them to me then," Niall said

  "There in the closet," Harry pointed. Louis walked to the closet and found these huge fake boobs that were filled with water.

  "I wanna try these on," Louis put them in his shirt and started jiggling them.

  "FUN NOW GIVE ME GIVE ME" Niall stood and tackled Louis taking the boobs from him and putting them in his shirt. "Im fucking a boss ass bitch"


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