After the band

This is what happens when one direction and their kids go on a come back tour will there be a romance?


1. The families

Styles' Dad- Harry Style Mum- Jessica styles Kids- Darcy-Diana styles (15yrs), Luke- marcel Styles The Payne's Dad- Liam Payne Mum- Rebecca Payne Kids- Veronica Lucy Payne (8yrs), Andrew Lewis Payne (8yrs) twins The horan's Dad- Niall Horan Mum- Isla Horan Kids- Niamh- Rose Horan (4yrs) The Tomlinson's Dad- Louis Tomlinson Mum- Darian Tomlinson Kids- Harvey- Leeroy Tomlinson (9yrs), Smith-Tyler Tomlinson (15yrs) The Malik's Dad- Zayn Malik Mum- Perrie Malik Kids- Zac- Ryan Malik (11yrs), Harvey- Jason Malik (15yrs) Darcy's POV I woke up to the gentle sound of the birds through my window which was very pleasant, after I lay there for a while i got up as we were going on tour today well my dads old band are and we the kids of their band are getting filmed for a tv series. I got up and got dressed then took my bags out to the bus which me, Smith Tyler Tomlinson, Harvey Jason Malik and the beckham cousins would be sharing. When I got out there Smith and Harvey were already in the bus so I put my stuff away and went through to the living space and sat down. Darcy: Where's the beckhams? Smith: we are picking them up on the way so in about two hours Darcy: oh ok! We started to go and I looked across at Harvey. He was just looking out the window and seemed quite depressed so I went over and sat beside him. "What's up?" "Nothing" he replied ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hey guys! Author here! So tell me what you think and ill try and upload more tomorrow
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