Something To Live For

"Tell me what I have to do to make you mine."

I'm tired of being sad, depressed and ruined. I want to be able to say, Yeah I lived. not Yeah I was alive once.

"Just give me something to live for."


6. 6.

"So we're just going to your friends home right?" I asked hoping I was right.


"Yes?" he said in a 'No I was lying to you. I'm taking you someplace else' tone... yes that is a tone. DONT JUGDE ME.


"Harry...Where are we going..." I asked slowly as I looked at him as he drove.


"Crazy? Insane? Mad?"




"Annabelle please don't yell at me as I drive. It's quite distracting." ...


I took a deep breath and dropped it. Which is strange... I never drop any topic unless I know I was right... What is this boy doing to me?



"We're here!" Harry yelled getting out of the car. I reach for the handle but the lock sinks in. The door wont open.


"What the fuck! Open the door!" I yelled.


"Don't yell at me I wasn't going to leave you in there. I just wanted to open the door for you." he said but I was distracted by our surroundings...


"Umm... Harry? Why are we in the middle of the woods..." I asked confused.


"Well I wouldn't take you to a desert. That would just be silly!" he said and started to walk but I just froze in my spot.


"Well are you comin'?"


"Um, yeah." I said and caught up with him.


"You know, I just started school here but I moved in just before break." he started and the cold breeze hit my skin through my jacket. I shivered and put my hands in my pockets when Harry's arm wrapped around my waist and pulled my towards him. "I know its cold, love, but we're almost there. I promise." he said and we continued to walk together. So close. I leaned my head on his shoulder, it just felt so right and I was so cold, and he was so warm.


"Well anyways. During the break I would come here, and fix this place up a bit... I thought it would be a cool place to go to when I need to get away from things. No one else knows about this place. No one but you and I, that is. Well, we're here." he said stopping at an empty area.


"Umm... There's nothing here... But a large rock and leaves... Are you sure this is it?" I asked confused. What does he mean? Is it like a hidden place.


"Oh, but look it here! What is this? Under these leaves?" He said and moved the leaves with his foot to reveal a rather large hole.



"Harry! You cant cover that with leaves! Someone might fall in it!" I said in complete shock.


"Relax I put netting under the leaves. Lets go!" he said egger to get down there. He removed the netting and climbed down a ladder. I followed after him and when we got to the bottom I was amazed.


It wasn't much at all but it still seemed to be pretty amazing. The walls were smoothed out and he put sheet rock over them. There was a beam in the middle and the ceiling seemed to be durable. He had an old looking table and chairs in the corner and a pretty beat up lounge chair.


"I'm living with my uncle. He builds homes for a living and he had all this extra stuff. Its not quite done but it defiantly has gone a long way." he said proudly.


"Harry this is amazing!" I said in amazement. "How did you find this place?"


"I was walking in the woods and I tripped in a small hole. I looked at it and the dirt was loose so I just dug it up until I got this gigantic room. Then I wanted a hideout so I just started to renovate it a little." he said scratching his head.


"This place is sick! Just... Wow." I said. I was truly speechless.


"You can come here when ever you want. I'm usually here anyways. I don't really like my uncle so much. He's a strange man..." he said laughing a little.


"Thanks Harry. You're the best."


Did I just say that? Did I just agree to that? How is he changing me? I'm never nice to people, and I never give compliments...


Maybe he's different.


I hope so.


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