Something To Live For

"Tell me what I have to do to make you mine."

I'm tired of being sad, depressed and ruined. I want to be able to say, Yeah I lived. not Yeah I was alive once.

"Just give me something to live for."


5. 5.

I continue my house hunting as I wait for my text from Harry. I've been home for about 3 hours now and still nothing on my phone...


I shouldn't really be that upset about it. I mean, no one really wants to be with me, no one really cares about how I feel, and no one gives a damn if I'm lonely.


So why would he?


Its about time! I thought as my phone buzzed.


From: Unknown

Hi its Harry. Do you want to meet up?


To: Unknown

Really? How long did it take for you to remember me? Oh, wait! I know. Try 3 fucking hours


I probably should put him in my contacts...


From: Harry

Sorry, love I got lost on my way home from school. Couldn't find my damn house. #NewKidProbs!


Oh, my god he probably hates me now! Ugh! I'm such a fucking asshole!


To: Harry

Haha I'm sorry... I thought you forgot about me... :/


From: Harry

Me? Forget you? Never in a million years, love ;)


I smile at his last text. He makes me feel wanted. He makes me feel like people actually care.


But Why would he care about me?





"I'm coming!" i yelled as a knock was heard from the door. "Mum I'm leaving!" i yelled to my mother even though she didn't care.


"Ok, sweetie! Get home before midnight!" she bitched... I really cant stand her. Like back off!


"Mum, I'm not fucking Cinderella! I'll get home when I want!" I opened the door to Harry. He looked absolutely breath taking. His hair gelled back, eyes piercing, lips so pink... What? What am I saying? I don't like Harry and he doesn't like me. We're just going to his friends house...



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