Diana Rose

Diana and Niall have been bestfriends since they were child, but what happens when Niall gains feelings for her? And on top of that; one of the lads gains feelings for her too!


2. Maura

Diana's P.O.V

I woke up in Niall's arms, hugging. We must've fell asleep when we both cried. I took a look at the clock. It was 6 pm, so we'd slept for four hours or so. "Ah, you douchebag!" I realised I wasn't alone. Zayn, Liam, Harry and Louis played FIFA. Liam lost, that's why he yelled. "Look, the lovebirds are awake" Louis said and pointed at me and Niall. I could feel his strong arms wrapped around my body as he woke up. He looked in my eyes and hugged me. "We are just best friends, you know that silly!" I teased. Everyone laughed. Everyone except from Niall. "Why did you sleep like a couple then?" Harry asked. Tears filled my eyes, but I knew I could trust the boys, and they knew about my father, my psycho father. So I told them the whole damn thing that happened earlier.

Liam's P.O.V

I couldn't believe my own ears. That cruel man can't just chase his daughter like that! And I felt so bad for her cutting herself, but she wouldn't listen if we forced her to stop. I looked around, and everyone sat with their face in their hands. I looked over to Niall and Diana. He stroke her back and hugged her. I felt I bit jealous, since I had a weak point for her. But as she said; they're just best friends. I shook away the thought and suddenly out of nowhere Maura showed up! "What's the matter here?" She had a serious look, and since everyone's mood were down, she could see that something was going on. Niall and Diana exchanged looks and then she nodded. "Diana's father, he did stuffs again.." His voice cracked as he explained, and Maura ran over to Diana to hug her. There were silence in the room for like two minutes, but then Maura burst out in tears. "You have to tell someone, right?" She asked in Diana's direction. She shook her head eagerly. "He'll kill me if he find me, he's probably looking for me now and.." Niall stopped her with pulling he in for a hug, and let her cry on his chest. That's what bestfriends do, right?

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