Diana Rose

Diana and Niall have been bestfriends since they were child, but what happens when Niall gains feelings for her? And on top of that; one of the lads gains feelings for her too!


4. gaining feelings

Diana's P.O.V

The officer took my arm and slid me into the car. I reached for Niall's hand. He sat down beside me. We sat in the backseat while the officer sat in the driverseat. "Are you okay?" Niall asked. "Yes, or I think so.. At least he didn't hurt me.." Niall hugged me hard when I answered. "I'm always here for you Diana, always!" He said. His eyes got wet. I took my thumb and stroke his cheek. "Don't cry, I know I can count on you. You'll never lose me" I said.

"Why is there that you haven't called the police and told us about this earlier?" One of the policemen asked me loads of question. I just sat there, didn't know what to say or do. I calmed myself and answered. "Well.. He told me that if I told anyone he would kill me.." I replied. "What exactly is he doing to you?" That question, that was it. I burst out in tears. "Sorry Diana, but you have to answer!" He said in a strict voice. "He.. Uhm... HE RAPES ME AND HITS ME. ONE TIME HE STABBED ME!" There, I shouted it. It's out. Now, go ahead and judge me. "Diana, darling, there is nothing to be ashamed off. Now that you've told us the truth, you can go home with your friend. Your dad is under arrest!"

Niall opened the door to his flat, and uncoated himself. I followed him and took my shoes off. "Are you okay now?" He asked me as I sat down on his couch. "No, but you make me feel better" I replied with a smile. He smiled back. That perfect smile. "Wanna watch a movie or something? I have the scream trilogy!" He knew that I loved horror movies. Especially scream. "Sure!" I said.

Niall's P.O.V

She looked so hot where she sat. I lifted my ass of the couch and got the scream trilogy. I went back to the living room, but Diana weren't there.. "I thought you may wanted popcorn?" She scared me. She were in the kitchen, it was so dark there. "Oh! I have an idea!" I said. "Oh okay. What?" She replied. "Let's go get some mattresses and then we just can sleep here!" I answered. "Brilliant Niall! You always make me feel better!" A huge grin covered her face. She have the prettiest smile I've ever seen! She weren't to skinny, she had light brown hair length to the chest, she had perfect green eyes, and she was not afraid too eat in front of people; that's for sure.

"Ahhhhhh" Haha, she is so cute when she's afraid. I looked over to her, and nodded to tell her to come sit with me. She quickly grabbed her blanket and ran over to my couch. "That was scary!" "Aha, you only ran two meters!" "Who cares?" I smiled and laughed a bit. She was too adorable. "Can I?" She asked shoving my arm away so she could rest her head on my shoulder. I nodded and wrapped my arm around her neck.

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