Diana Rose

Diana and Niall have been bestfriends since they were child, but what happens when Niall gains feelings for her? And on top of that; one of the lads gains feelings for her too!


1. scars

Diana's P.O.V

"Diana! Come down here now!" My dad yelled at me. Since my mom died last year, he started to drink alcohol every day. Sometimes he abused me. Everyday when school was over I started too cry, because I knew what he were capable off. So I started to cut myself some months ago. As I shook away that thought I raised, unlocked my door and went downstairs. "Sit down" he whispered and pointed at a chair with a knife in his hand. My eyes got wet, but I knew what he would do if I cried or yelled for help. I knew what the knife did. "Now, do exactly what I say, if not.." He said and glanced at the knife and smiled. Psycho. I nodded in agreement, I didn't want to get hurt this time. "Take off your shirt" he commanded and pointed at me with the knife. As I started to take off my top, the doorbell rang. I quickly clothed myself when he ran to the door. I knew what he could do if I ran away, but that was my shot. While he stood in the door talking to whoever it was I ran to my room.

I grabbed a bag and put some clothes, money and shoes in it. I shoved the bag out of the window, and I followed. It were just a meter to the ground, so I wouldn't get hurt. "DIANA!! WHEREVER THE HELL YOU ARE, I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!" Oh no. It was my dad. The person who rang the doorbell had left. I had to run. The first thing that crossed my mind were Niall. He knew about my dad, how bad he treated me. Me and Niall were best friends since we were about 3 years old, so I could always count on him. He lived 10 minutes away walking, but since I ran, it would probably take about 6 minutes to get there. I grabbed my bag and started to run. I ran as fast as I could. When I turned around my dad were about 50 meters behind me, so I fastened my speed. As I passed a corner I hid inside a bush. "FUCK YOU, YOU LITTLE SLUT" he screamed as he ran past the bush. The words did hurt, but he were drunk, and he were a psycho. So as long as I had Niall and the lads, my life were almost okay. I realised that the bush I sat in were Niall's. My father were about 100 meters from me, and he couldn't see me, so I ran to the door and knocked. Niall opened the door after a few seconds. "Are you okay? What happened?" He said as he closed the door and pulled me in for a hug. I started to cry at his chest but he didn't mind. "I saw it all from my window" he stuttered and hugged me harder.

Niall's P.O.V

Haha, spongebob always helped my mood freshen. Later that day me and the boys had a discussion that ended as a fight, but I just left and drove home. We discussed where we should spend our vacation, from tour, with our families or each other. Silly, but important. "FUCK YOU, YOU LITTLE SLUT" I suddenly heard from outside. I quickly raised and ran over to my window to check what the hell happened. The first thing I saw were a man running crazy on the road, not any man, but.. Diana's father. Shoot, maybe he chased her again? That's when I saw her, sitting there in the big bush. Big enough to hide in. I ran downstairs to get her in, but then she knocked at the door. I opened as fast I could, and then I asked if everything was okay and what just happened. I pulled her in for a hug and let her cry on my chest.

"And that's why I hid in the bush, and why you saw my father running in the streets.." She sobbed as she said it. I hate that man! How the fuck could he chase his own daughter like that? And threaten her with a knife, a knife!? Anger filled my eyes as I pulled my fist in the air. "I'm here for you Diana, always!" She smiled, but then she bursted out in tears. I hugged her, but she pulled away. "I.. I've started to cut myself again.." As she said cut, my eyes got wet. A few months ago she confessed to me about cutting herself, and it broke my heart when she told me why. I've always been protective over her, and the last month, I've been building feelings for her. "Diana, I'm so sorry! I want you to have it better than this, please stay with me until me and the lads are having our vacation. Your dad is crazy!" I cried. She nodded and pulled in for another hug.

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