You and I

Jocelyn is coming out of high school ready to start over and find a new life. When she moves in with her best friends, she meets somebody along the way!! Read more to find out! (Warning: May use Strong language)


33. A.N. 5SOS Contest!

Hey Guys! So as I said in the A.N. In my last chapter, I am going to be having a contest to find 5SOS GIRLFRIENDS! There are only 2 things that you have to do.

1. Like and Favorite this Movella

2. In the comment/wall section of this movella, i am going to have a comment saying you have to answer this question. Who is your favorite member of 1D or 5SOS and why? Reply with your answer!

I want to know! Lol

For now all the girlfriends are available!!

Well thanks so much for being supportive and reading my movella! Lots of Love!! ~Emm

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