You and I

Jocelyn is coming out of high school ready to start over and find a new life. When she moves in with her best friends, she meets somebody along the way!! Read more to find out! (Warning: May use Strong language)


6. 5. Moving in

Jocelyn's P.O.V.

I woke up with the sun In my face from the curtains not being closed. Then I looked around me and saw my five best friends sleeping so peacefully... "I finally made it to Colorado and I am living with my Best friends!!!! Can my life get any better?!!" I thought as I walked through the house trying to find the bathroom... When I finally found it about a half hour later, I got washed up and had brought all my luggage into an empty room which I assumed to be mine! It have my favorite color, baby blue painted on the walls with the softball teams colors all over the house! Out softball teams Colors are navy and burgundy! So I went to go wake up the girls at about 10:30... They first all groaned then agreed to get up when I told them that I would make them pancakes... They all say at the bar while I started to dish out pancakes left and right. I had gotten the syrup and powdered sugar. In this house, we all eat pancakes with sugar on them! Anyway, while we were eating they all asked me what I wanted to do... " Isn't there a softball field around here somewhere?" I asked while shoving a piece of pancake into my mouth. "Yea! Just across the street! And there's a gym and soccer field that we have access to!!" Replied Haley with her mouth full of pancake. " Ok then! We will go to the softball fields at noon, deal??" I looked at the clock and it said 11:00. Then all nodde there heads then started calling the line for the shower. There were 3 showers in the house so 2 of us would be assigned to a shower. When one person would shower, the other person would go get there clothes and everything they would need to complete there outfit! Then we would switch and do it all over again! So Lauren was with Anna, I was with Nicole and Haley was with Alexis. I got to get into the shower first, so I went into the bathroom in my robe since I still had the cut marks that I didn't want them to see. I stripped and turned on the hot water. I washed my body the washed my cut scars very carefully... Once I was finished, I jumped out, wrapped myself in a towel and put my robe back on. I walked out and I hear " Jocelyn!! U took forever!! " Nicole wined. " I'm sorry I said making a frowns face on my lips... She just shrugged it off and went into the bathroom. Once we had all gotten ready in our sports outfits, we gathered all of our supplies and ran to the fields.

Liam's P.O.V.

"Liam, the driver wanted me to inform you that we will be at the house you guys bought in half an hour. Can you tell the other lads? " Paul said and walked out of the room. "Thanks Paul!! " I shouted as I want for a little ice cream cup. It was Soo hot in the RV with 6 boys in the RV including Paul! I grabbed a fork since I have a phobia of spoons and started eating my ice cream. I was the first one up and awake since I have a hard time sleeping on busses or moving objects. I turned on the Telly and saw another rumor about the lads and I... That we has split apart... Which we all know didn't happen and we still have the USA Tour to do! I don't know where they come up with these things! Anyway, I looked at my phone for the time and saw that it was 11:00 so I decided to go wake up the other lads. I decide to wake them up all at once, so I grabbed the blow horn and pressed the button which make it go off. Then I screamed, " it's time to get up!! We arrive at our house in a half our!!" After they heard me say that they all started to get out of bed and get dresses. I was already dressed so I went to go watch Telly! After we were all ready, we arrived at our house. " OMG! Is that where we live?! It's amaZayn!!!! " said Niall. " yup and that's where our new lives start!! Right there on the footsteps of that house!" I said. We all ran out of the RV forgetting about our luggage. Paul had the keys and he opened the door. We all ran upstairs to call bedrooms and showers!

(A.N. Hey my lovelies!!! So sorry I haven't been able to update!! I have been working on my science project and a bunch of other homework. Sorry for the short chapter!! I have no homework tonight so I am going to be updating a lot tonight! Send me feedback!!! I love you all!! :*

~Emmilee #25)

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