You and I

Jocelyn is coming out of high school ready to start over and find a new life. When she moves in with her best friends, she meets somebody along the way!! Read more to find out! (Warning: May use Strong language)


22. 21. Best Night Ever

Louis' P.O.V.

After I kissed Lauren, She remembered me!! And everything!! I was so happy!! I left her in her room since she was laying on her bed. I ran into the kitchen and took my phone out of my pocket and called Harry. The whole gang was at the boys house and Me and Lauren were at the girls house for Lauren's comfort. I waited a few rings before he picked up. I had told them all my plan and to see if it worked. "Hey Mate!! Did it work?? Everyone is on edge!!" He shouted into the phone. I took a breath and said,"Yes, she remembers everything and everyone!" I could here them all cheering and then I said," Hey! Everyone come to the girls house!! Bye!" Then hung up. I went back upstairs and saw Lauren fast asleep on her bed, not looking that comfortable since she has a broken leg and sprained arm. I laid down on the bed and ticked myself in with her under the covers. I wrapped my arms around her and then smiled. I kissed her forehead and whispered in her ear, "Glad to have you back baby." Then laid down next to her and fell fast asleep with my baby in my arms.

Haley's P.O.V.

Once Louis had hung up the phone, we all started screaming! We were so happy that out wonderful lives could go back to normal with Lauren and our boyfriends. We all got up and went with our boyfriends rooms to get ready. As I was about to start walking up the stairs, I felt 2 muscular arms pick me up and flip me over his shoulder. I started kicking and screaming, "Liam put me down!" "Never! You are mine!!" He shouted back while carrying me up the stairs. He opened the door to his room and threw me on the bed. He closed the door and picked me up and put me against the wall. I wrapped my legs around him and he leaned his head in so our foreheads touched. We had only known each other for about 2 weeks but it was the best 2 weeks of my life. He looked into my blue eyes and I felt butterflies form in my stomach. I looked at him until he closed the gap between us and he kissed me. He soft lips touched mine and fireworks went off everywhere. He licked my lower lip for entrance and I automatically let him in. We explored eachothers mouthes and it was amazing. We finally broke apart gasping for air. Then he looked in my eyes and then started talking.

Liam's P.O.V.

I loved every minute of that kiss... It was amazing!! Her lips are so soft and she is so perfect. I am so glad that she is all mine. I hope that it will be like this forever and I can stay with her the rest of my life. I sat her down on my bed and sat next to her. I took her hands into mine and I looked into her eyes, then took a deep breath and started. "Haley, I know that we just meet a few weeks ago but everyday I see you, I fall in love with you even more. I was wondering if you would want to go to Disney World with me for a week and a half? Just me and you? " I finished asking and then looked at her. "Liam, I would love to. I love you..." She answered then put her soft lips on mine and kissed me. Now I knew that she was all mine... And I'm glad because I don't know what I would do without her.

Niall's P.O.V.

Anna followed me up the stairs into my room and she layed on the fuzzy rug I have. It's light blue and really comfortable. I love it. I went to the restroom and as I was walking out, I felt someone jump in my back. She started tickling me and I started to jump around my room. We both landed in my bed and fell fast asleep.

(A.N. Hey lovelies!! Sorry I haven't updated!!! I've been in Florida! But I'm back in town so I will update soon!! Sorry for the short chapter!!!! Give me feedback and ideas!! Love you all!! ~Emm)

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