You and I

Jocelyn is coming out of high school ready to start over and find a new life. When she moves in with her best friends, she meets somebody along the way!! Read more to find out! (Warning: May use Strong language)


17. 16. Another Talk and Relationships

Jocelyn's P.O.V.

After Anna told us that Niall had kissed her, we were all shocked. One part of me wanted to be happy for her and to tell her to go get him, but the on the other half of me wants her to saty away from his so she doent get hurt. I have to tell that to Lauren. She is the closest one to me here even though we are all sisters. She is also the only one that hasn't ever had a boyfriend and she hasn't ever been on a date. I am so scared she is going to fall in Love with Louis and have the same thing happen to her as it did to me. I have to talk to her. Like Now before anything happens. "Hey Lauren. Can I tak to you in my room real quick?" I asked her while the other girls were talking about Zayn and Nicole. She nodded and she followed me to my room. I closed and locked the door and we both sat down on the bed. "Hey" I said. "How are you doing?""Well im good I guess. I am kinda confused though. Just with everything that is going on plus we or I get to see if I made the team for varsity soccer or not. " She replied with a question look on her face. " I know. Love is sometimes confusing. I just wanted to tell you to be careful with Louis. He is a boy and they sometimes dont have clear minds. If he is ever doing anything that is uncomfortable, then tell him to stop and he will if you ask. Trust me. Just be careful please... I am really worried about you." I said needing to take a breathe. "I will Jocelyn. Don't worry about me. " She said. I nodded and got up to open the door but before I could, Lauren pulled me back down on the bed. "Hey Jocelyn, Do you like any of the boys? " she asked me suddenly. "Why do you ask??" I asked. "oh just wondering. so do you?" She asked again. I knew she wouldnt stop asking me until I answered. "Yea. " I whispered. She screamed then asked, "WHO??" "Harry... Is that a bad thing?" I asked. "No not at all. its normal. Just be careful with Harry. We all know whats up with him. " I nodded and then we hugged. I knew that she was going to tel the rest of the girls so we walked back into her room and i told the girls to all get in a circle. something that we all had to do. "Ok girls. It has come to my attention that we all have been seeing people the past few days. Now we are going to get in a circle and say who we like more then a friend. Lauren is going to start." I said suddenly and we all looked at Lauren. "I like Louis" she said then we went onto Nicole. "I like Zayn" She blurted out and then we went onto Haley. "I like Liam. he is so sweet. " She said. We skipped alexis because we all know who she likes and loves. Stephen. Then we all looked at Anna and she said quietly, "Niall" Then all eyes were on me and i knew that i would have to do this sooner or later. "I like Harry." Then all of the girls squealed and started freaking out. Then they all got quiet when Nicole said, "Can you imagine if we all got asked out tonight! That would be the best thing in the world. And then we would all have the same anniversiry!! That would be amazing. $100 bucks saying that we all get asked out tonight!!" then we all got $100 bucks and put it in the same jar that had the 20's in it for Nicole getting asked out tonight. Then, I looked at the clock and it as 3:30 in the morning. We have been talking for about an hour and a half. I told the girls to make a group message and text all of us if a guy asked her out. I stood up and put the jar back in Nicoles room and then told Haley to call the boys to come up here so they could get ready for bed.

Liam's P.O.V.

As soon as all ofthe girls went upstairs to have there girl talk, all the boys and I made a circle on the floor and started talking about boys stuff. I zoned out and all I could think about was Haley. How her hair was so perfectly perfect and she wasnt afraid of wearing sweatpants. How she always put her hair in messy buns and didnt care about what she looked like. Stephen pulled me out of my thoughts by asking us, "so have you guys been seeing any ladies since you moved?" Then i said, "well Louis. why dont you go first." "Ok. I have been seeing Lauren since we had that conversation earlier tonight. Liam, you go next." he said nudging my in the side. "Ok. I have a crush on Haley. She is so perfect." I said then looked down at the ground. Then looked back up to see all the boys staring at me. "Zayn, your turn." i whispered. "Ok. I have a crush on Nicole. she is so hot!" he almost shouted but covered his mouth remembering she was upstairs. "Well nice to know Captain Obvious!" louis said and We all laughed then heard all of the girls squeling. We all looked at Harry and he had a cheeky smile on his face. "I like Jocelyn." he said then started blushing. "I love Anna!!! I kissed her in the kitchen while helping her with the food!!" Niall shouts and then we all start high-fiving him. My Nialler finally found his princess!! Then, that just made me think about Haley. I wanted her to be my princess. my thought were broke when I heard Stephen saying something to Harry. "Harry, Jocelyn has been through alot so promice me that you won't hurt her. She is so self concious so be careful. If you hurt her, I swear to god..." "I won't Steph! How could anybody hurt a girl as beautiful as her!?" Harry said getting quieter every word he spoke. "Ok. So is anyone asking anyone out tonight?" Steph asked and Louis nodded. Then Niall nodded and Zayn nodded too! So it was just me and Harry left. I knew I wanted to ask her but i didnt know if she would be ready yet. Then I made up my mind and nodded. Then Harry nodded and we all started smiling because we were all asking the lady of our dreams to date us. If Haley said yes, I would be the happiest person in the world. Then we all bombarded Steph with questions about the girls. Steph told me that Haley loved Disney, so that would be where we wet for our first date! i knew it was meant to be. Then, I heard the sound of her beautiful Voice calling for all of us to come upstairs. We all did as we were told and walked up the stairs. Then, Louis went into Laurens room and closed the door. I walked up to Haley and asked, "Do you mind if I sleep in your room tonight? Your the only one I trust. " "Not at all. Come on. Follow me." She said with a perfect smile. I followed Her into her room and shouted into the hall,"I am sleeping in Haley's room! Goodnight!" and closed the door behind me.

Jocelyn's P.O.V.

After Louis went into Laurens room, I saw Liam following Haley. I knew it! Then Liam shouted into the hall, "I sleeping in Hale's room. Goodnight!" and closed the door behind him. Then, Zayn went into Nicoles room to go to sleep. Then, I saw Anna pulling Niall into her room. alexis had already gone into her room with Stephen, so now it was just me and Harry in the hall. I grabbed his hand and pulled him into my room and said, "You can stay in my room tonight!" with a smirk on my face. He gave me a cheeky smile. I grabbed my pajamas and went into my bathroom. I changed into pajama bottoms and a tank top. I threw my hoodie on so that Harry wouldnt see my bruises and scars. I showed them to the girls and we all cried for an hour. Anyway, I walked out and Harry was just in his pj pants with a tank top on. You could see the muscles in his arms. And he was hot!! I walked out and forgot to take my makeup off. But this time, Harry followed me into the bathroom and saw my massive collection of makeup. heis eyes widened and I asked "What?" "You know you don't need any of that stuff..." pointing to my make up bag. "Yea I do. I look horrible without it. And promise me you wont laugh when I take it off. " I said as I started to take my make up off and he just chuckled. I looked up at him and asked, "Really laughing at me?" I rolled my eyes and threw my make up remover in the trash. I walked out and he followed me out. I sat on my bed with a pouting face and he sat down next to me putting him arms around me and saying, "I wasnt laughing at you, I was laughing at what you said. I would never laugh at you for what you look like and You look georgous and dont need any make up at all! Your beautiful." Him saying that made shivers run down my spine. "Harry, Do you like me? If you don't I understand. I mean nobody could ever like..." I was cut off by Harry putting his lips on mine and it was passionate. I never wanted this moment to end. We both broke away and he asked, "Does that answer your question?" "Mmhhmm" I said and layed down. Harry then pulled me back up off the bed and wrapped his hands around my waist and i wrapped my arms around his neck. I felt the pain come from my stomach but I didnt care. He kissed me again then asked, " So does that mean that we are a thing?" " I don't know? Do you want us to be a thing?" I asked him. "Yes. So Jocelyn, will you go out with me?" He asked me. I nodded then kissed him. He smiled and then pulled me into bed. I grabbed my phone and went into the group text message and typed 'Harry asked me out! We r a thing now! ;)' and sent it. I got a congratulations and talk to you in the morning from all the girls and turned my phone off. It was really hot in my room so Harry asked me, "Babe, why are you wearing a sweatshirt? Its so hot in here! " I knew it was hot. i was sweating in the sweatshirt. "Just because. Now its time to go to sleep" I said trying to change the topic. I knew that he had suspected that there was something wrong but i didnt want him to see everything on me. "Come on Babe. Whats wrong?" he asked me. I took off my sweatshirt and showed him all of my bruises and scars. He was shocked. "Im sorry that I showed all of this to you at once. I know that i'm ugly because of it and that i am really fat." i whispered hoping that he couldn't hear me. "Who did this??" he almost screamed. "I did..." I whispered. Then, i decided to tell his eveything. About my abusive aunt, my first boyfriend that abused me and about me hating myself so I cut. He walked over to me and carried me to the bathroom. He put me up onto the counter and took my arms and kissed every single cut that I had ever made. Then, He looked up at me and said, "You dont have to hide anything from me babe. And promise me that you won't ever cut again. Because your beautiful the way you are." Then he picked me up and carried me to the bed. He sat me down and kissed me like he did the first time. Pure bliss. Then, I got under the covers as Harry turned off the light. Then, I didnt feel his come to bed with me. I turned on the light and saw his in a sleeping bag on the floor. "You have got to be kidding me. Why wont you sleep in my bed with me?" I asked with a frown. "I didn't know you wanted me to." He said then we both got into bed, turned off the light, and i felt his arms wrap around me. I felt so safe in him arms. I was so glad that I had him. I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

(A.N. Hey Readers! Hope you all like it!! Give me some feedback!! Love you all!! ~Emm)

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