Little White Lies (16+)

(WARNING: This fan fiction WILL contain graphic sex scenes. If you do not like this type of content I would advise you to not read.)

Maisie is a smart, nice and beautiful girl. She had everything going for her.. College right around the corner, good job, great friends and an amazing boyfriend until she meets a hot, funny and flirtatious boy. Louis Tomlinson seems to haunt her every day.. From the moment they laid eyes on each other it was instant attraction.. With Maisie's self control and responsibility fading she begins to slip trying to keep her golden girl rep going. Keeping her attraction for Louis a secret..

She ends up giving in to Louis, The attraction and tension was too much. She juggled lives. Louis makes her feel free and alive.. Her boyfriend Ashton (Not Irwin) makes her feel safe and secure. Keeping her and Louis and her's "affair" a secret from everyone.. Louis wants Maisie to himself.. He would do anything to make that happen. He'd do anything for her.



Louis' POV 

Sunday rolled by quickly, I spent the day at Maisie's again. I would have to change out of these clothes and shower sometimes.. I probably smelt like something the cat dragged in. I kissed Maisie goodbye telling her I'd be back soon. 
I drove up to the richer parts of London.. I didn't like lying to Maisie about my situation but truly I didn't want her to worry about me, for the last few days I've been living with Harry an his family. Anne welcomed me with very open arms. When I walked in I heard Anne singing from all the way in the kitchen and smelt food. I walked up the stairs and slipped into Harry's room to say hello. 
"Hey" he said noticing me walking toward him on the couch watching a movie. 
"Hey" I said sitting next to him 
"What's up?" I said 
"Nothing much.. Where have you been all weekend?" He asked 
"No where really.. Just spent a bit with my sisters and went to the carnival.." I said 
"Have you showered lately?" He asked smirking 
"Hey. Don't judge me, I've been busy." I said I reached over the low rising couch and grabbed a bottle of water from the basket and cracked it open. 
"Why do you have this?" He asked looking at a piece of paper in his hands 
"Have what?" I asked taking a drink 
"A note to Maisie from her parents." He said I choked on my water. 
"You alright?" He asked I nodded taking the note 
"I went over to hang out with her for a bit with my sisters cause they like her." I said I couldn't believe how much I was lying to Harry. My sisters were never with us once. 
"Or you just went alone." Harry said wiggling his brows I just took another drink 
"Dude no way." He said I turned to him swallowing 
"You're hittin that?" He asked 
"No, shut up" I said shoving his shoulder chuckling 
"Dude, I don't care. She's hot." Harry said 
"We're just friends" I said 
"Have you guys ever done anything?" He asked I just looked at him
"What? You can't blame a guy for asking I mean you guys obvious feel something for each other.. I mean you two are always together. Plus the way you look at each other." Harry said 
"Harry.." I said 
"You don't see the way she looks at you dude. It's like.. It's like you're her world." Harry said I couldn't say anything. 
"The way you look at her.. It's like ever emotion piled and compacted into one.. I never saw you look at Eleanor like that.. Even when you guys were happy together." Harry said 
"Harry, we don't like each other that way." I said 
He raised his brows but didn't say anything. 
"Could have fooled me." He said 
"Do you and the boys just sit there and talk about the way me and Maisie look at each other or something?" I asked 
"No but we do talk about how hot she is.. I mean mate.. She's fit." Harry said 
"You guys are gross." I said 
Harry shrugged 
"So I guess if you aren't into it I'll ask her out. I mean she's single right?" Harry said 
"Yeah. I'm going to shower." I said getting up and crumpling the note and throwing it in the trash bin and walking out of his room. I walked down the hall an reached the end entering my room. I took off my sweater and shirt. Turning on the shower I kicked off my vans and unbuckled my jeans. Pulling them off along with my boxers and stepped into the shower. I stood with my hands against the wall. 
I thought back to the first time I look back at Maisie in grade 9. Her hair was cut up to her shoulder. She wore a The Who shirt and red shorts and black converse. I she had changed her fashion a lot since then.. She dresses more "mature" now.. I would kill to turn back time to three years ago and instead of stand there and look at her walk over and say 
"Hey I'm Louis, I love your shirt and think you're incredibly cute." But you know I just adjusted my glasses on my face and wallowed in self-pity. 
I remembered when my dad left a bit before that he left me his watch. Tho I couldn't read it I still wore it. My father my best friend left me with only a stupid watch and the memory of him kissing my head and saying 
"Take care of your sisters." And walking out of the door.. Packing up the car I used to sit and watch him fix and driving off. I thought he'd take me everywhere with him.. I thought he loved me.. But no.. It was as simple as packing up and leaving for him. I felt tears coming as I started to huff and puff... I hated this.. The only reminders I had of my Dad were cheques every month.. I had cousins on his side of the family but when they visited.. He never came.. He never wanted to be in my life ever again.. He's the guy who got me into football.. I was doing it dreaming of maybe one day he'd see me in the paper and call me and tell me how impressed and proud he was.. 
There was a knock on the door to my bathroom
"Yeah?" I said 
"Lunch." It was Anne 
"Ok I'll be out in a minute." I said I quickly cleaned my body and hair and shut off the water and got out wrapping a towel around my waist and drying my hair in another, I walked out quickly getting dressed in black sweats and I grey tshirt. I slipped on my comfy grandpa slippers and walked down the stairs and say down. I did the blessing with them and we started to eat. 
"So when is your next football game?" Anne asks me and Harry 
"I believe Tuesday" Harry said I nodded 
"Louis are you feeling well?" Anne asked I nodded 
"You look sick" Gemma said from Harry's left. 
"Are you sure?" Anne asked I nodded 
"I feel fine." I said 
"Let me feel your temperature." She said I leaned over she pushed my fringed back and put her hand on my forehead. 
"Oh, Louis honey.. You have a fever." Anne says 
"I'll just take some Tylenol it'll go away by the morning." I said she nodded but didn't look so sure
"Do the team a huge favour and don't be sick on Tuesday.. We'll lose without you." Harry said 
"Harry, don't pressure him" Anne scolds 
"Mom, it's obvious we suck without Louis." Harry said 
"You'll do fine without him if he is sick." Anne says Harry rolls his eyes looking down at his food. I lightly smiled 
"Mom can Lottie come over tomorrow?" Gemma asked I shifted uncomfortably. 
"Gemma I don't know.. How about you go over there?" Anne says glancing over at me 
"I don't like going there.. Her moms boyfriend creeps me out. I don't really like him." Gemma said I chuffed reaching across the table and high fiving her I looked over at Anne after. 
"Sorry" I said 
"No, that's alright." She said
"He is rather strange" she adds Harry, Gemma and I started to laugh. 

-later that day..-

Maisie's POV 

I blasted Katy Perry as I cleaned the house.. Wearing pj short shorts and a tank top my hair up in a bun that was once pretty but now messy. I was dancing around the kitchen putting the dishes away I shook my hips and sang along. 
I opened the fridge and got out a water and drank it lightly shaking my hips. 
"I've got the eye of the tiger" I lightly sang along
I felt eyes on me, I turned around 
"Wow.." It was Louis he was smiling I walked over turning down the music 
"What are you doing here? I thought you were going home?" I asked 
"Change of plans." He said he walked over and closed the dishwasher. 
"Are you feeling ok? You don't look very well." I said 
He gave me a look 
"I feel fine Mais" he said chuckling it off
"Why don't you ever dance around me it's really sexy.. I didn't know you could your hips like that." He said 
"I don't know.." I said blushing 
"We should defiantly go to a club." He said 
"We're only 18." I said 
"There are some clubs who accept 18" he said 
"I don't know clubs aren't really my thing." I said
"That's a shame.. You've got the moves for them." He said 
The thought of going to a club with Louis was exciting.. I wanted to go but I was afraid. 
"Just imagine it.. Us dancing.. Forced against each other due to the crowd of people.." He said standing very close to me.. 
"That sounds nice." I said 
"You bet." He said 
"I'll stick to my house." I said patting his stomach he grumbled and followed me out of the kitchen 
"Why must you tease me like that?" He asked I shrugged 
"It's fun.." I said he shook his head and leaned in he pecked my lips. Where are we head?" He asked 
"Down to the basement." I said he nodded. We walked down the old wooden stairs Louis sneezed 
"Bless you" I said he chuckled looking through the shelves Louis sneezed once more 
"Allergies?" I asked he nodded 
"Cute." I said he rolled his eyes at me I pulled a box off the shelf and he sneezed twice turning his head away from me I couldn't get over how cute he sounded sneezing. 
"What's in the..." Sneeze "" He asked 
"Just some stuff." I said 
"Oh really just.." Sneeze "...stuff?" He asked 
He sneezed once more 
"Woo!" He yelled I smiled after we got up the stairs Louis followed me into the kitchen and splashed water on his face sighing. I giggled 
"You're so cute." I said he dried his face and shook his head vigorously. 
He smiled walking over to me he pulled me in kissing me.. I backed into the wall. 

He pulled away and smiled at me.. 

"We haven't had sex in 4 days." He said 

"Are you implying that you want to or are you just stating fact?" I asked 

"What do you think?" He asked 

"True let's go." I said I took his hand and pulled him down the hall and up the stairs. Throwing my door open and closing it.. I took off my shirt as Louis kicked off his shoes. 

"Is this why you came over..? The thought randomly popped into your head?" I asked as I pulled my shorts down

Louis took off his sweater and shirt unbuckling his jeans. 

I puled him in kissing him as he kicked them off. Backing up into the bed he fell onto me. I tucked my leg at his side. He kissed down my neck.. I slid back as Louis hovered over me. I laid my head down on one of my pillows and Louis discarding my bra, leaning down and kissing my neck. 

I put my hand into his boxers grabbing a hold of him he gasped onto my neck, I loved his reaction every time I did this. 

He moaned against my neck as I moved my hand... 

I took my hand out and pulled off his boxers. He reached down and fumbled with his jeans. I laughed at him, He pulled the silver packet out, as he put on the condom I took off my panties.. He kissed me as he pushed into me I moaned against his lips, I clawed down his back as he pushed in and out he kissed my neck..

"Holy..shit." I moaned he chuckled onto my neck. 


Louis rolled off of me, discarding the condom.. I pulled the sheets up on my side covering my chest on Louis' side they only covered up to his hips. I reached down grabbing my panties and his shirt. He lazily grabbed his boxers.

"Y'know you still haven't let me on top." I pointed out turning towards him

"You never ask" He said turning his head to face me. 

"Mention it next time.." I said 

"Babe, It's all you. When you feel it's right.. Go ahead." He said 

"You would just let me do it? Just like that?" I asked 

"Maybe.. It's not like I'm going to make a sex rule that you can't be on top." He said I giggled. 

"I don't think I'd be very good at it.." I said He laughed 

"Here" He said he dragged one of my legs over the side of him I adjusted so I was straddling him. I moved my hip he let in a sharp breath. 

"Easy babe, Unless you want round two." he said I liked the feeling of being on top of him.. I was in control. I moved my hips a bit more he took in his bottom lip. 

"Mais.. You're driving me crazy" He said I giggled I slid my hands up his torso as I leaned down towards him, Kissing up his chest and onto his neck. He put his hands on my hips. 

"Mais.." He tried to speak but couldn't

I started to groves my hips.. 

"Does that feel good?" I whispered against his neck I started to lightly suck on his neck he moaned and grabbed fists of his shirt that was bunched up on my thighs. 

I put my hands on his chest. 

"Mais.. Y-" I stopped him putting my lips on his. 

"Just shh.." I whispered after leaning away my lips grazing his

I instead of circling my hips I started to rock them vertically

"Jesus Mais" He said I smiled 

"Am I doing good?" I asked he nodded his eyes squinted as he leaned his head back. I must have been doing very  good. 

I started to rub at his torso again and I rocked harder and his chin twitched as his mouth opened I liked how vulnerable Louis was right now. I thought about just stopping right now because I knew Louis was close to a second climax. 

I'm not going to lie and say this was just pleasuring him because it felt good to me too. He closed his mouth as I leaned into the kissed him I brought out the tip of my tongue and lightly licked his lips his face scrunched up and I slowled my rocking, kissing him.. 

When I stopped what I was doing and sat still, Still straddling him I put my hands on his chest

"How did I do?" I asked he arched himself up on his elbows 

"Next time.. you're on top." He said breathing heavily I smiled 

"Glad you enjoyed yourself.. What you're experiencing now is how I feel after we have sex." I said 

"No.. This feeling.. It's new to me.. No girl has ever made me.. That way.." He said I smiled at him being out of breath and slightly sweaty. 

"Well.. Don't mean to toot my own horn but...Toot toot." I said 

He chuckled 

"You're amazing." 




Maisie's POV

I saw Louis wasn't at his locker again today.. He wasn't here yesterday either. Naturally I worried and rushed over to Niall's locker. Harry was there too. 

"Hey guys" I said trying to hide how worried I was. 

"Hey Mais" they said 

"You guys wouldn't happen to know where Louis has been for the last two days would you?" I asked Niall and Harry smiled at each other.

"He's been at home sick." Harry said 

"Oh, How is he?" I asked Harry stuck the tip of his tongue out wetting his lips He looked back down at me his green eyes dug into mine. 

"He's pretty sick actually, Don't worry though.. He's in good hands my Mom will have him fixed up in no time." Harry said 

"Did your Mom go over to his house or something?" I asked Harry forwarded his brows and looked at Niall then back at me

"He didn't tell you?" Harry asked 

"Tell me what?" I asked 

"He left home.. Something about Bill moving in.. He's been living with me for a few days." Harry said. 

"He what?" I asked 

"He's been living with me for a few days.." Harry said repeating himself.

"Do you mind if I go over and check on him..? Maybe even beat the shit out of him a little?" I asked Harry and Niall laughed 

"Sure there's a key it's under the flower pot on the left, My Mum had to go out. So feel free to beat the shit out of him there will be no witnesses" Harry jokes I smiled 

"Thank you" I said I hugged him and kissed his cheek. 

"Hey Niall" I said hugging him giving him a tight squeeze

I quickly walked out of the school finding my car and getting in. I remembered the way to Harry's house and found the key exactly where he said I opened the door and walked up the stairs.. I heard coughing coming from one of them and pushed the door open. I saw a bump in the bed. 

"Care to explain?" I said walking over to him 

"Oh no.." He muttered 

"How could you not tell me? Did you get kicked out? What happened?" I asked angrily 

"Maisie." he whined he kept his back to me. 

"No, Louis I don't care how sick you are. I wanted the truth and trusted you. I could you not tell me.. It's pretty easy I mean all you had to say was "Oh, Hey Maisie.. Bill is moving in so I packed up my shit and moved into Harry's house." Why would you lie?" I asked 

"I didn't lie.. I'm sorry I just...I just didn't want you to worry about me." He said 

"Say that to my face." I said He slowly turned around and I saw his red puffy eyes that were lazed over and dried lips and red nose. I felt guilty for being so mean seeing how sick he was. 

"I'm sorry." He said I just nodded guilt over coming me

"What's wrong? Like how sick are you?" I asked he opened his mouth to answer but cough tugging his sleeve over his hand coughing into it. 

"I don't know.. Anne says it was something I ate." He said 

"Probably all that junk food." I said he weakly smiled 


"Why wouldn't you text or call me and tell me? I'd come help nurse you back to health" I said 

"I knew you'd yell at me" He said that made me feel even worse. 

"Awww. Move over" I said 

"I don't wanna get you sick" He said 

"Move over or I'll move you over" I said he grumbled 

"So stubborn" he mumbled  

I cuddled up to him. He hugged me around the waist tucking his head under my chin.  

"Poor baby Louis" I whispered 

"Don't make fun of me" He whined 

"I'm not.. You're cute when you're sick" I said I waited until Louis was asleep until I crawled out of his arms. I walked over to the other side of Harry's room and dialed his number he answered third ring


"Harry, It's Maisie" I said 

"Maisie you just called me in the middle of a lesson." Harry said 

"I know I'm sorry, I was wondering if I could stay here? I just wanna keep an eye on Louis" I said lowly trying not to wake him up 

"Did you kick his ass?" Harry asked 

"No I got here and saw how sick he was and felt bad.. So can I stay? He's just sleeping now I was going to go make him some soup and tea." I said

"Yeah, I don't care. I'll just tell my mom you're there." 

"Thank you" I said and hung up I hung up and walked out of Harry's room and went down stairs and in to the kitchen it took me a few minutes to find all the stuff I needed. 

--2 days--

Maisie's POV

Louis was up and out of bed when I went to visit today. 

"I got some sort of herb tea from the drugstore and it's really helping him." Anne tells me as we watch him sitting in the living room watching a movie. 

"Do you think his Mom will ever apologize?" I asked her she shrugged 

"I was close friends with Jo ever since Louis and Harry met in 3rd grade.. She doesn't talk to me much because she hangs out with Bill's friends." Anne says 

"Seems like Bill has destroyed almost everything." I said Anne nods 

"He's not that great of a guy.. But after Ben left her she was crushed" Anne says 

"Ben? Louis' father?" I asked she nodded 

"Benjamin Tomlinson.. Louis is a spitting image of his father. Him and his father did everything together until he just up and left. No one knows why." Anne says

"Is it something Johannah did?" I asked 

"No.. When he left Johannah was six months pregnant with Phoebe and Daisy Lottie and Fizzy were very young and poor Louis.." Anne says shaking her head 

"What's your husbands name?" I asked 

"Robin.. He's Harry's step father." Anne says 

"Oh.. Is Harry's father in his life?" I asked 

"Yeah.. He goes and visits sometimes" She says 

"That's good." I said 

"It makes me feel worse for Louis.. He doesn't have a father figure.. and the only man in his life is someone who doesn't treat him the way he should be treated." Anne says 

"What happened between them?" I asked 

"Lot's of bickering.. Bill kept calling Louis "Son" and Louis didn't like him. Bill was always trying to get Louis out of Football and into other things but Football was the only piece of his father Louis had left." Anne said I felt like crying.. I felt so bad for Louis. 

"His father doesn't even call him?" I asked Anne shook her head

"And the few times Louis would actually attempt to make things work Bill always ruined it. Some of their fights even got physical." Anne says I knew it was pretty bad just picturing Bill's muscular build and Louis' smaller but still muscular build..

"Don't worry.. Louis won most of them" She assures me putting a hand on my shoulder I nodded 

"So are you and Louis together?" She asked as we cleared the table I shook my head

"We're just friends" I said 

"Oh" She said sounding kind of shocked 

"Hey Anne, What are we having for dinner?" Louis asked coming into the room

"I was just going to make some chicken parm" She said Louis nodded 

"Sounds good" 

"Mum we're home" I hear Harry call 

"Harry walks into the room with a sigh throwing his keys on the counter and pulls himself onto it. 

"Mom! Do we have any food?" Gemma asked coming into the kitchen and was followed by Lottie. 

Louis' eyes grew wide he tensed up beside me Lottie looked over at him and surprise filled her eyes. Gemma put a hand on her back and nudged her towards Louis.. She then started to cry Louis opened his arms and she came over and hugged him he hugged her back as she cried into his chest. 

"Hey Lotts" He said she was wearing one of his beanies I would recognize it anywhere. 

"I missed you" She said I looked over at Harry and Gemma. Harry pointed to an orange basket and Gemma got one and threw it at him he caught it after it bounced off his chest he started to peal it. 

Lottie let go of Louis and he kissed her head

"How's Mom?" Louis asked 

"She's good" Lottie said 

"Fizzy? The twins?" 

"They're good." Lottie said 

"Bill hasn't been playing house dad has he?" Louis asks 

"Don't even get me started." She rolled her eyes 

------------1 week later---------------

Maisie's POV

"Are you sure? I mean what if they don't like me?" I asked Louis chuckled as he pulled a shirt over his head. 

"Trust me Mais.. It's hard to not  like you." Harry says from the couch 

"Exactly" Louis said 

"I know but these are your cousins.. and  Best friends.. Plus they're from New York doesn't that make them extra mean?" I asked Harry chuckled 

"Not entirely Mais" Louis said 

"So what's their names again?" I asked "Run them by me one last time" I added 

"Ok, My two cousins that are coming are named Katelyn (ExtraodinHARRYStyles) and Zoey (ButterflyFlyAway<3) my two Best friends that are coming are Iris (HarryWillBeMine) and Kaelzie (Kaelzie<3's1D). They're nice!" He defends them 

"I'll be the judge of that" I said 

"Sassy one isn't she?" Harry said 

"Have you ever met them?" I asked turning to him 

"Yes he has.. He has the hugest crush on my cousin Katelyn.. He get's all flustered and stupid around her..  It's quite weird if you ask me considering she looks very  similar to me." Louis said

"Oh stop holding that against me." Harry said getting up 

"Are we going or what?" Harry asked impatiently 

"Hold on Harry.. Kate isn't going anywhere" Louis teased I laughed along with him Harry blushed 

"Shut up" He said shoving Louis' shoulder. 


Pulling up to the airport the butterflies in my stomach we're horrible! What if Louis' friends and family didn't like me. I know I wasn't his girlfriend or anything but I was still nervous. We got out of the SUV we borrowed from Anne and walked into the airport Louis and Harry took my hands swinging them back and forth.. Harry's hand was a bit clammy.. Good, I wasn't the only nervous one here. When we got to the gate.. I was really nervous.. When I heard a shriek I looked over.. The female running towards us had white hair, It looked really good on her she had crystal blue eyes and a great body I was immediately jealous. 

"Louis!" She squealed and hugged him he spun her around. Another girl ran over hugging him 

"Zoe! Iris! How are you guys?" He asked excitedly  

"Great." They said okay that's one cousin and one friend. 

"Louis!" Another squeal.

In came running  girl I knew was Katelyn by the way Harry's eyes lit up. 

Another girl came running over and ran right past Louis and jumped into Harry's arms 

"Hey Kaelzie" Harry said 

"Hi" She said airily 

Louis smirked 

"Hi I'm Katelyn" I looked to my left

"Oh hi I'm Maisie" I said she smiled and looked exactly like Louis way more than his sisters did. I stuck out my hand 

"One thing you should know about me is I'm a hugger." She said and pulled me in the tightest hug ever. She smelt like sweet pea cream and tea. I liked her already. She looked over at Harry 

"Hey Harry" She said 

"Oh.. Uh.. H-Hey Katelyn" He said she left my side and hugged him he blushed I giggled

"Hey, I'm Zoey." I looked to my left once more another Louis look alike. 

"Hey I'm Maisie" I said She shook my hand I didn't appeal to her as much as Katelyn but still she was nice.. And beautiful. The next girl to come over to me I recognized her as Kaelzie. 

"Kaelzie.. But call me Zie. or K." She said I nodded 

"Maisie" I said 

I notcied the girl with the white hair look at me and whisper in Louis' ear. I felt self-conscious. Oh god.. She hated me. I knew this would happen.

Louis shook his head she then nodded and walked over to me. 

"Iris" She said blowing a bubble with her gum I took her out-stretched hand 

"I'm Maisie" I said 

"I know." She said and sashayed away in her heels. 


Getting all of their luggage to the car we all got in. I sat up front with Louis. Harry sat beside Kate and looked super nervous. The rest of the girls joked back and forth with Louis. 

"Hey Maisie.. Wanna know why Louis has so much female friends?"  Zie asked

"Why?" I asked turning around

"We thought he was gay." She says I looked at Louis and laughed 

"I admit it.. I wasn't very masculine.. You can't blame a guy with only Female cousins.. I had to live with them every time I went down there" Louis defended himself 

"Yeah, I saw so much girls around you I thought you were going to grow a vagina." Iris says 

"Hey. Easy." Louis said 


Getting back to the Styles family household I didn't go upstairs with the rest of them.. I sneaked away into the kitchen. Anne was in there so I sat down with her. She asked me why I wasn't up with them I told her I had to go soon anyways.. I didn't feel comfortable.. I wondered how long they were going to stay

"Are they all staying here?" I asked 

"Yeah, I like having lots of guests.. More cooking!" She said I laughed 

"You're welcome to grab a room" She said I shook my head 

"My mom wants me home." I said 

That was a lie... 

"Oh, Come by tomorrow if you can! I'm making a giant breakfast." She said I nodded 

"I might" I said I hugged her goodbye and hurried out of the house. 


Louis' POV

It didn't take me long to realize Maisie wasn't up here.

"Hey did you guys see where Maisie went?" I asked 

"Maybe she stayed downstairs" Zoe says 

"Let's go look for her!" Kate says with her jumpy personality. 

We walked down the stairs and looked in the living room then went into the kitchen. 

"Hey Anne?" I said as everyone raided the cupboards. 

"Yes Sweety" She said

"Did you see Maisie?" I asked 

"Yeah, She just left a few minutes ago." Anne said

"Why? Did she say where she was going?" I asked 

"She said her Mom wanted her home." She said my heart sunk and I was immediately bummed out. 

Maisie doesn't talk to her mom.. and even worse her Mom wasn't even home. She was still gone. 


Author's Note: 

Yay! Louis' first chapter with POVs!!! LOL was this nice and long? :) 

Btws HarryWillBeMine (Iris) would you be interested in being like the girl that has a crush on Louis and like always tries to get with him until yeah what we talking about in comments? :)

Hope you all likes your parts! Can't wait to see what you think!

Thanks for reading! More soon! :D<3

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