Little White Lies (16+)

(WARNING: This fan fiction WILL contain graphic sex scenes. If you do not like this type of content I would advise you to not read.)

Maisie is a smart, nice and beautiful girl. She had everything going for her.. College right around the corner, good job, great friends and an amazing boyfriend until she meets a hot, funny and flirtatious boy. Louis Tomlinson seems to haunt her every day.. From the moment they laid eyes on each other it was instant attraction.. With Maisie's self control and responsibility fading she begins to slip trying to keep her golden girl rep going. Keeping her attraction for Louis a secret..

She ends up giving in to Louis, The attraction and tension was too much. She juggled lives. Louis makes her feel free and alive.. Her boyfriend Ashton (Not Irwin) makes her feel safe and secure. Keeping her and Louis and her's "affair" a secret from everyone.. Louis wants Maisie to himself.. He would do anything to make that happen. He'd do anything for her.




Maisie's POV

The next day I rushed home from school. The party was in Harry's neighborhood. I was pretty sure the only kids from our school going to this party were Me, Louis and our "dates". Which was good because it meant me and Louis could actually hang out. I had bought a black dress and I decided on not wearing heels. I would slip on a cute pair of toms or converse..

I kept my hair straight and just left it as it was. 

I wouldn't be one of those girls who put too much effort into a house party. Getting a text from my "date" that said he would pick me up in 15 minutes I slipped into my dress which was black with black lace shoulders.. It ended mid-thigh. I picked out a pair of black keds. I slipped them on. It was warm tonight so I didn't need a jacket. I waited by the door and heard a knock. I opened it. 

"Hey" I said 

"Hey, Ready?" He asked I nodded we walked out and on the way there we talked about bands and such.. 

Pulling up the house was already packed. We walked in and the place was crowded I wondered where Louis was. 

I danced with my "date" for a few songs until we stopped we agreed on getting drinks and turned to walk

"Maisie!" I turned around and saw Louis, Clarice who was really pretty by his side.

"Hey Louis" I said he smiled 

"Maisie this is Clarice, Clarice this is Maisie" Louis said 

"Hey" I greeted she smiled 


After a while of dancing and socializing with Art, (What Maisie decided to call her "date") I was bored and gave up on searching for Louis who I had lost. 

"I need some air." I said I walked away from him and out onto the vacant deck. No one was out here. I was glad. I didn't think anyone was aloud out here but I didn't really care. Walking out I put my hands on the edge of the balcony it was wide-enough to rest my whole fore-arm on. I sighed looking up at the moon. 

"Well hey there Little Black Dress." I turned around to see Louis shutting the blacked out patio door.

He walked up smiling at me.

"Is it that short?" I asked he bit his lip and nodded. 

"Ugh I didn't want to be a try-hard." I whined he smirked 

"Is that for me?" He asked it was my turn to bite my lips he stood in front of me. 

"Do I look good though?" I asked 

"Good enough to eat." He said quickly locking his lips with mine. He scooped me up and sat me on the railing. His tongue entered my mouth as I put my hand in his hair on the back of his head. He slid his hands up my thighs and pulled me closer to him.. He pushed my dress up more I stopped him. 

"Not here." I said he nodded 

"Your place or mine?" He asked 

"Mine. Alex isn't home for the night." I said he nodded. We rushed off the balcony down the stairs and escaped out the gate. Louis took my hand as we ran down the sidewalk laughing 

"I can't believe we just ditched our dates!" I laughed Louis laughed too. 

"They'll understand." Louis said smirking we found his car and we got in.. Driving off I sent a text to Art and told him I had gotten sick and left then Louis handed me his phone to send one to Clarice telling her his Mom fell down the stairs. I laughed while sending it.

When we got to my house Louis parked across the street and we rushed inside slamming the door behind us and locking it. He took off his shoes.dropping them I took his hand tugging him up the stairs I pushed my door open Louis shut it behind him and took off his shirt cupping my face in his hands kissing me. I unbuckled his belt taking it off. He smiled against my lips. He reached down and unzipped my dress. Pulling it down he put his forehead on mine. Softly putting his hands on my hips he pulled me into him and hugged me. He seemed to have turned from being really sex driven to cuddly. I didn't mind. 

"Are you tired?" I whispered 

"Mmhm." He groaned.

"Come cuddle." I said taking his hand.. I leaned down picking up his shirt. I towed him to my bed. Getting under the cover slipping Louis' shirt on he slowly climbed in and kicked off his jeans. He took hold of me and pulled me over to him and laid his head on my chest again.. He must have showered before this because I smelt his shampoo and body wash. He hugged me tight and snuggled into me. I kissed his head and started to play with his hair. 

In moments I felt Louis fall asleep. I turned on my TV and started to watch Campus Police. Louis grumbled in his sleep.. I smiled. 

"I love you." he whispered my eyes went wide, my mouth slightly fell open.. What could he be dreaming about? Was it me? 

"I love you..." He whispered once more. 

I kissed his head and stroked his hair once more. 

"Goodnight Louis" 

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