Little White Lies (16+)

(WARNING: This fan fiction WILL contain graphic sex scenes. If you do not like this type of content I would advise you to not read.)

Maisie is a smart, nice and beautiful girl. She had everything going for her.. College right around the corner, good job, great friends and an amazing boyfriend until she meets a hot, funny and flirtatious boy. Louis Tomlinson seems to haunt her every day.. From the moment they laid eyes on each other it was instant attraction.. With Maisie's self control and responsibility fading she begins to slip trying to keep her golden girl rep going. Keeping her attraction for Louis a secret..

She ends up giving in to Louis, The attraction and tension was too much. She juggled lives. Louis makes her feel free and alive.. Her boyfriend Ashton (Not Irwin) makes her feel safe and secure. Keeping her and Louis and her's "affair" a secret from everyone.. Louis wants Maisie to himself.. He would do anything to make that happen. He'd do anything for her.



Louis' POV

"Ugh! Harry have you seen my tie?" I asked nervously 

"I put it in your bathroom on the counter!" Harry called back from his room I circled around nervously and checked my shoes once more.. I walked into the bathroom I had put my hair up in a quiff. I picked up the black tie I tied it up easily and popped about 4 mints in my mouth. Harry came into my room as he finished tying up his black tie with small white polka dots. 

"Is Kate ready?" I asked 

"Almost, Maisie?" 

"I haven't asked" I said I walked over picking up my phone. 

"Are you ready? -L" 

"Just about. -M" 

"She's just about ready when's our reservation?" I asked 

"We have time Louis.. Calm down." Harry said I nodded 

"Ready?" Kate asks stepping into my room. She wore a slim fitting white dress with black heels and her nails were painted white. 

"Wow, Kate you clean up well." I said 

"You too." She said Harry was staring at her I elbowed him 

"You look beautiful" He said she blushed 

"Thank you." She said 

"Alright let's go" I said 

"I'm driving." Harry said I nodded I followed them down the steps Harry kissed Anne's cheek, She stopped me. 

"Go get her tiger." She said handing me a blue rose.

"How'd you know this was her favorite?" I asked 

"She's not just your friend.. Now go." She said smiling I kissed her cheek 

"Thank you so much" I said I stepped off the steps and got in Harry's black rangerover.


Maisie's POV

I stood in front of the mirror.. I was so nervous. I wore a slim fitting black dress that ended just above my knees and black heels. I curled my hair. I just finished painting my nails black. I applied more lip gloss and fixed my hair. I packed up my small white clutch purse but brought the strap out I put my lip gloss, credit card, extra make-up and phone inside. I put it on my shoulder when I heard a car door close I rushed down the stairs shutting the lights out. 

I was just stepping off the last stairs when the doorbell rang I opened it to reveal a very handsome looking Louis his lips parted as he took in a breath of air I looked down at his hands and he held out a blue rose. My favorite.. 

"How'd you know?" I asked taking it slowly. 

"I always knew that was your favorite.. I didn't think of bringing that.. it was more of a Mother's touch." He said 

"Anne.." I muttered he smiled 


"Will Harry and Kate mind waiting a few moments while I put this in water?" I said he turned around and held up his finger mouthing "1 minute" Harry nodded 

"Wanna come in?" I said he nodded I walked in and Louis followed me. I reached up into the shelf and grabbed a small vase. 

"I like your dress." he complimented 

"Thank you, Like your hair tonight it's very.. up." I said he smiled I put water in the vase and cut a bit of the stem off so it would fit in the vase and turned to Louis.. 

"Shall we go?" I said he nodded We started walking when I stopped him. 

"Your tie is uneven." I said I stood in front of him fixing it I patted it after 

"There" I said I turned when he stopped me turning me around 

"Your hair is lose." He said I let him fix it he folded his lips together as he fixed it. I looked at his lips then up at him he tucked a lose strand behind my ear. 

"You look beautiful tonight." He said 

"Thank you, You look handsome." I said he smiled 

"Here I was nervous you wouldn't think so." He said I cracked a small smile. 

"C'mon" He said we walked out and I locked my front door putting the silver key in my bag. Louis opened my door for me and walked around the back 

"Hey Maisie" Harry said

"Hey!" Katelyn chimed 

"Hey guys" I said Louis opened his door and sat down. Harry pulled out

"Sick car." I said he chuckled 

"Thanks" he said 


It took us nearly half an hour to get to the restaurant due to it being in the middle of London. Harry parked and got out. Louis and Harry got me and Kate's doors. Kate wrapped her arms around me as soon as we got out. As she pulled away Harry took her hand nervously. Louis put his hand on the small of my back I could tell it was hesitant but I wasn't going to make him move it. When we walked in Harry walked right up due to no line. 

"Hi how are you this evening sir?" The hostess asked 

"I'm alright. How about you?" Harry said 

"I'm good thanks for asking, Reservation?" 

"Yes, For Styles" Harry said

"Oh, Harry?" She asked he nodded 

"Right this way" She said grabbing four menus. 

I heard music and looked over at the dance floor. There was a band playing tonight 

"Oh Louis look" I gushed 

"Do you dance?" He asked 

"My dad taught me for grade 8 grad" I said 

"I remember having to dance with my Mum" Louis said and made a face of disgust. 

"How are things.. With your family?" I asked 

"Shit. Yours?" He asked 

"Shit." He gave me a sympathetic smile. It had been almost a month since my parents left to go to "visit my uncle" in all honesty the thought of them leaving me was settling in. The hostess sat us in a booth on the second floor that looked over the balcony at the dance floor and band.

"Wow. Great seats." I said I slid in before Louis looking over the side, he slid in beside me. The table was lit by a lantern. I tuned out when the hostess introduced herself looking down at the band and the dancers, They looked like they were having so much fun. I caught myself smiling.. at the dancers.

"I'll give you all a few moments to decide on what to order but can I ask for your drinks?" She asks 

"Coke" We all say she nods. I looked over the edge once more. I felt Louis' hand take mine and slightly pull me I look over He got out of the booth 

"C'mon" He said

"Where are we going?" I asked

"Where do you think?" He said and gave me a small smile. I smiled getting up and following him we went down the staircase and Louis positioned his hand on my waist as we danced, He held my hand out to the side. 

"For someone who doesn't really dance.. you carry yourself well." I said he smiled 

"Is that a compliment or are you making fun of me?" He asked I giggled 

"I'm complimenting you" I said 

"Glad to see your in a good mood tonight" He said

"I can't help it.. Something about a guy in a suit and tie.." I said 

"So as long as I got my suit and tie?" He sang a little bit I laughed loudly people looked at me I noticed we were the only teenagers on the floor I buried my face in Louis' neck as I felt the heat coming to my cheeks. He giggled 

"Don't hide." He said. I never realized how much I missed his smell and his soft skin and just how happy he generally made me until I got all those things once more. 

"I missed you" I admitted before I could stop myself

"Does that mean...?" 

"Yes.. It means I'm giving you a chance.. Another one." I said I leaned away from his neck locking my eyes with his. 

"Don't blow it this time." I said he nodded

"I don't plan on it." He said I smiled

"Let's try this thing as friends and if it grows into more it grows into more. If it doesn't it doesn't." I said he nodded 

"Good deal.. As long as I get to be around you." He said I nodded and took my hand out of his and wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him close to me he put his arms around my back as we kept spinning 

"Mind if we join you guys?" Harry says 

"Not at all mate." Louis said 

Louis rubbed my back soothingly I felt like I was falling asleep. Before I knew it the song was over.

"We should go order now." Kate says from Harry's arms 

"Yeah, They're probably annoyed." I said. We headed back up the stairs sitting in our booth. We ordered our food and started to talk. 

"Oh my god Mais look" Louis says I looked over and covered my mouth 

"No way" I said leaning across his lap to see better 

"Yep, Can you believe that?" He said I leaned back and looked at him 

"They're probably going to split the bill" Louis said we both started to snort and laugh covering our mouths. 

"What's so funny?" Harry said looking out of the booth and turned back with a smirk snorting.

Sitting at a table for two across the isle and 3 tables down was Eleanor and Ashton. 

"Who are they?" Kate asks leaning back from Harry's lap

"Our ex's.." Louis says gesturing to the two of us

"No way!" Kate says 

"Yeah, They were blowing each other the whole time we were dating proper whores." Louis said a group of old ladies looked at Louis like he had four eyes. 

"We should send some wine over." Kate says 

"Are you fucked?" Louis said the old ladies looked over at him again. 

"Louis, Those ladies are staring at you." I said he shrugged 

"Just send over a bottle of wine, Say it's compliments of us and then wave to them or do something I don't know just imagine their faces." She said I smiled 

"Hmm.. Very sneaky sis." I said Harry stopped the waitress 

"Excuse me sorry but we just noticed two of our friends over there.." Harry pauses to point to Ashton and Eleanor. The waitress nodded 

"Could you send them a bottle of wine and tell them it was from us?" Harry said she nodded 

When she walked away we started laughing

"Louis they're only going to be able to see you." Harry said Louis nodded 

"I got it all planned out Haz.." Louis said 

"Don't do anything too bad Lou." I said he nodded. Our food arrived but we paid zero attention to it. Soon after the wine arrived at Ashton and Eleanor's table. They started to talk to the waitress the pointed to our booth then walked off Ashton looked over and Eleanor turned in her chair. They stared at us, I was leaning across Louis' Lap.. We both waved with the most fabricated smiles. I leaned back Louis stopped waving and spun his hand around only leaving his middle finger pointed up. 

"Young man! That is horrid!" One of the old ladies speaks up Louis puts his hand down and looks over and then back at us we all start to laugh. 


"That was sooo good!" I said everyone made sounds of agreement

"Desert?" Our waitress asks 

"If I eat anymore I will have to get someone to help me get me out of this dress." I said with a light giggle 

"Um, We'll have desert then." Louis said I swatted his chest him and Harry giggled. The waitress giggled, I blushed embarrassed. 

"Let's just get two sundaes, We can each share." Harry said. We agreed on that. Louis and I we having chocolate, Harry and Kate were having Vanilla. 

Moments later that arrived 

"Yum the straws are chocolate." Louis said to me I couldn't help but smile he was so cute. He took his straw and bit into it. 

"Mmmmm" He said licking his lips. A flash of memory of his fluffy hair tickling the inside of my thighs. I stared at his mouth as he licked his lips and dipped the tip of his finger in the whipped cream and put it between his lips. I felt it again.. That urge returning to be with Louis. 

"Maisie? You alright?" Harry asked I nodded returning to reality and taking a sip out of my straw. 


As we finished our sundaes I sat back 

"Are you going to eat that?" Louis asked pointing to my chocolate straw 

"Um no, go ahead." I said he took it and started to nibble it. 

Kate leaned over and whispered something in Harry's ear and giggled after Harry stuck up his hand, Clearing his throat,

"Check please!" 


We walked out of the restaurant a cold wind nipped at me I hugged myself when I felt the soft fabric of Louis' suit jacket wrap around my shoulders. I held it closed. He wrapped his arm around me holding me close. 

"I can't get over how good you look in a tie." I said he chuckled Harry and Kate got to the car first. 

"I don't want to go home.. I'm scared to stay there alone.. Do you think Harry will spare a room?" I said. It was true. Staying at my house alone was really scary. but.. I also just wanted to be closer to Louis... 

When we were all in the car and Harry started driving I held Louis' jacket as close as I could.  

"Hey Harry? Do you mind letting Mais stay the night?" Louis asked 

"Yeah that's fine. My mom loves her." Harry said 



Arriving at the house I gave Louis back his jacket he hung it over his arm. 

"Mom? You still up?" Harry called through the house there was no answer. 

"She must be asleep." He said 

"We're heading up.." Louis said I nodded but quickly hugged Harry 

"Thanks for the place to stay.. And dinner.. Just thank you for everything" I said he smiled 

"My pleasure Mais.. It's not like I didn't want to do that, Tonight was awesome!" He said I smiled

"Goodnight Kate" I said I walked up the steps following Louis. He lead me down the hall and opened his door. I closed it after us Louis threw his jacket onto the dresser. 

"I can get you some trackpants and a top.. If you wanna sleeping in that.." He said he turned around and I grabbed his tie. I pulled him in and locked my lips with his. 

I leaned away and slightly pulled on his bottom lip, I licked my lips after.. 

"Mmm, Chocolate." I said I walked towards hsi closet

"Wait.. What the fuck just happened?" He asked as I continued to walk into the large closet.

I looked through his thin spread of close. 

"Maisie.. Um.." Louis said walking in

"Quit dragging your jaw on the floor and help me pick out some comfys" I said 

"Can you help me with my tie first?" He asked I nodded I walked up to him grabbing the knot of his ties well he leaned his head down connecting our lips again. I forgot about the tie grabbing onto the collar of his shirt. My back against the wall.. 

Louis tilted his head and pulled away... Our eyes locked 

"How about those PJs?" I said he kissed the tip of my nose and walked over easily selecting a pair of grey track pants and a black "the Killers" shirt he handed them to me. 

"I got the tie" He said winking at me and walking out of the room. I looked down.. 

If I weighed out the pros and cons of what I just started by kissing him.. I ended up with more positives than negatives.. I could learn to trust Louis.. Over time. 

Author's Note: 

Yaaaay Laisie :) How'd you guys like it? Liking the Laisie not liking the Laisie how are you guys liking this? :) 

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