Little White Lies (16+)

(WARNING: This fan fiction WILL contain graphic sex scenes. If you do not like this type of content I would advise you to not read.)

Maisie is a smart, nice and beautiful girl. She had everything going for her.. College right around the corner, good job, great friends and an amazing boyfriend until she meets a hot, funny and flirtatious boy. Louis Tomlinson seems to haunt her every day.. From the moment they laid eyes on each other it was instant attraction.. With Maisie's self control and responsibility fading she begins to slip trying to keep her golden girl rep going. Keeping her attraction for Louis a secret..

She ends up giving in to Louis, The attraction and tension was too much. She juggled lives. Louis makes her feel free and alive.. Her boyfriend Ashton (Not Irwin) makes her feel safe and secure. Keeping her and Louis and her's "affair" a secret from everyone.. Louis wants Maisie to himself.. He would do anything to make that happen. He'd do anything for her.



Author's Note:

Hey there everyone! :) I was just wondering how you guys pronounced Maisie's name... Do you pronounce it as: May-Zee or May-Cee? I started off May-Cee but now I'm kind of nodding towards May-Zee because I just think it would sound cuter when Louis says it :p Oh! Who are you imaging Maisie as? Tell me! :D Thank you for reading I love you sooo much! <3


Maisie's POV

I pulled into the school parking lot and sat back in my chair. I sighed. I didn't know if I should go into Science class, What if Louis shows up? I shook my head. No. I will not go and force myself to have to sit in his presence for an hour. I refuse. I pulled out my phone. 

"Feel like missing 3rd and 4th? -M" I texted Niall

"Haha, Sure. Meet me at the field." I pocketed my phone and got out of my car. The field our school used for soccer was sponsored and was across the street. I quickly crossed the street. I went through the doors and walked onto the field when I felt a ball hit my ankle I turned around and saw a smiling Niall. 

"Hey" I said kicking the ball back to him

"I never thought of all people I'd get a text from you asking to skip." He says 

"Well I have reasons not to go to Science and Parenting." I said he chuckled 

"Why'd you go into Parenting?" He asked

"It was an easy class." I said he nodded he kicked the ball back to me.

"So are you coming to the game tonight?" He asked my heart sank now that he brought it up and he looked so hopeful.. 

"Yeah, Of course." I said he smiled again

"Awesome." He said I smiled at him 

"Yep" I said kicking the ball back

"I don't know how we're going to look without a cheersquad" Niall chuckled to himself

"Are they still at Eleanor's cottage?" I asked 

"Yeah, How did you know that?" He asked 

"Louis told me" I said Niall nodded smirking 

"What?" I asked he shrugged he led me over to the team's bench.

"Josh is going to be sitting right there. You can talk to me and Louis during the game." He said pointing to the seats behind the bench. I nodded 

"Ok" I said 

"So what were your reasons for skipping Science and Parenting?" Niall asks 

"Personal" I said 

"Just tell me Mais" He said 

"I got into a little fight with Louis we'll be ok" I said lying

"Are you sure.. It kinda looks like your going to cry" He said

"I'm fine. I just need to talk it over with him." I said 

"Ok, Just talk to him after the game." Niall suggests 

"Or during" I joked he chuckled

"Yeah" He said I smiled

"Thanks for skipping with me" I said he nodded 

"I look for excuses to get out of class" He chuckles 

"Well, I'm happy I could be your excuse." I chuckled he smiled and got up 

"Now.. Let's work on those football skills." He said I groaned 

"Ugh I know Ew, Physical Activity." He said in a dramatic way I smiled 

"Shut up" I said he laughed 


The arena filled up quickly. I stayed in the arena with Niall all afternoon. I sat in my seat as the stands started to get full. 

"You're here early" I hear Josh's voice 

"Yeah, Wanted to beat you to the seat" I chuckled 

"Hopefully we win again" He said handing me a bag of popcorn and a can of coke I thank him. 

"Yeah" I said 

The music starts to play bringing our attention to the doors. Our team comes running out we all cheer. I don't see Louis on the field. Niall waves at me and Josh. 

"Where's Louis?" I asked casually 

"Late changer?" He asked as he said that Louis ran out of the doors. The Captain armband still on his arm. 

The whistle blows. I zone out through-out the game. Louis snuck a glance at me and Josh's old seats. He looked down and walked towards his net. The other team got the ball. A player the name on his jersey said "Brown". Brown raced up the field Louis ran towards him and made a quick steal from him. Passing it to Niall he slowed to a jog. My eyes followed Niall until I heard shouting. I looked back at Louis and saw him yelling back and forth with Brown. 

Then Brown shoved him, Louis shoved him. I gasped as Brown punched Louis. Louis wiped at his nose then tackled brown to the ground he got a few punches in when the whistle was being blown they kept going. Rolling and throwing fists. No doubt Louis was angry because of me. 

When Louis and Brown were being pulled apart I relaxed into my seat. I got really nervous when Louis sat on the bench, he was less then 2 meters away Me and Josh were up off the ground about a meter though. Louis held a blue cloth that was handed to him to his nose. I wanted to punch Josh myself when he whistled for Louis' attention

"Hey Louis!" He said Louis perked up a ltittle and turned his torso around his eyes examined Josh. 

"Great fight bro!" Josh says 

"Thanks!" Louis calls back up he looked over at me. I didn't say anything to him.. Was he searching for a compliment on how he fought some random guy? No. 

I just stared into his eyes he stared back he got up walking towards me I swallowed hard.

He waved his fingers telling me to come over to him, I sighed and leaned forward he cupped his mouth and whispered in my ear. 

"I'm sorry. It wasn't what it seemed like believe me Mais. I would do nothing to hurt you. Let me explain." He said 

"I don't need you to explain something I already understand." I said 

"You don't understand." Louis said. I looked over at Josh 

"Hey Josh do you mind running and grabbing me a Gatorade?" Louis asked 

"Sure thing Pal." Josh says getting up

"Look, Mais I really don't want it to end like this.. I don't even want it to end. I just wish you'd let me explain with out clogging up your mind with things you think are right." He said

"Louis I kno-"

"You don't know anything about the situation Mais just let me talk." Louis said 

"Fine. Talk." I said 

"Not here. Meet me at my house. 10?" He asked I shook my head 

"Louis I don't want to do this anymore. I'm not going to let you manipulate me again." I said

"Maisie, You've seen the way I act around you! It's genuine. It's true. Just please give me one more chance." He begged I shook my head 

"I'm sorry" I said he looked down I could see the pain in his face. He looked up


"Tomlinson get over here!" His coach yelled cutting him off he rolls his eyes 

"Are you coming to my house or no?" He asked 

"You don't deserve it." I said he nodded sighing 

"Tomlinson!" His coach yells 

"I'm coming!" Louis yelled frustrated walking over to him. I sat back I felt tears coming I held them back.

"Where'd Louis go?" Josh asked returning with the blue drink.

"He went back on the field" I said Josh nodded Niall came off the field and looked around for his water bottle. 

"Here I'll give to Niall." I said 

"Niall!" I called him over he saw me and smiled he jogged over taking the bottle opening it and drinking it.. He looked up at me 

"You ok? You look a bit bummed out." He said I shook my head. 

"Come.. I hear I'm a good hugger." He said spreading his arms out. 

I hugged him and what he was hearing was correct. He gently squeezed me 

"What's wrong?" He asked 

"Louis tried to make up with me but I threw his words in his face. I feel bad. I didn't even hear him out." I said 

"How about this? I'll tell him to wait in the change rooms.. After all the guys leave I'll walk out tell him I'll be back and you can go in. I'll leave you guys alone to settle things. Harry and I will leave after you go in." He said I nodded 

"Thank you" I said he nodded he kissed my cheek and wiped his thumb on my cheek 

"Don't cry love" He said I hadn't realized I was crying till then. I nodded he handed me the blue bottle. 

"Finish that off" He said I nodded once more he jogged back onto the field I watched the rest of the game hugging the bottle. When the game ended and we won. Everyone left meeting up with their friends from the team, I waited around the corner. 

Niall came around the corner with a curly haired boy. He didn't bother introducing us. 

"Louis is in there. Just sitting there. He's alone though. The teams done changing lock the door if you want" He said not implying anything I could tell by the serious tone in his voice. 

**WARNING: From now on I warn you there will be sexual content.. mostly graphic coming up.**

I nodded 

"Thanks Nialler" I said I kissed his cheek and opened the door. 

"Niall I told you I don't want to talk-" He stopped looking up at me his eyes stared into mine. 

"Maisie?" He said lowly I nodded 

"Hi" I said 

"What are you doing here?" He asked 

"I want to apologize." I said sitting next to him he turned to me on the bench that was attached to the wall.

"For?" He asked 

"I was a bitch earlier.." I said 

"I didn't let you speak.. I was too mad and absolutely crushed I didn't want to believe anything." I said 

"I need you to know I would never hurt you." Louis said I nodded 

"I understand after I shot you down at the game I felt horrible because I didn't let you speak." I said 

"Maisie.." Louis said

"Yeah?" I asked he looked into my eyes and just brought the corners of his mouth up.

I smiled back, He pulled me into a hug I hugged him back. 

"Does this mean I'm forgiven?" He asked 

"It just means I'm going to let you explain yourself." I said 

"That's no fair" He said leaning back I giggled 

"How about I just kiss you? Will that make up for it?" He asked

"Couldn't hurt your chances." I said He smirked leaning in he parted his lips kissing me. I put my hands on his cheeks. 

He smiled against my lips. He slowly laid my back onto the bench when I pushed him away. 

"Ew! You smell like sweat!" I said 

"It's just the smell of sexy man" He winked 

"Oh sure. It smells more like "I've been running around on a field for the last hour sweating my ass off" by Calvin Klein." I said he laughed 

"Don't these rooms have showers?" I asked

"The pumps are turned off now Mais" He said standing up. 

"We'll just have to go back to my house. I'll shower and then I'll say my speech." He said I grumbled 

"Are you really that horny for me that you can't wait for me to go back to my house and shower?" He asked 

"No. I'm not horny for you. Get off your high horse." I said 

"Mmhm." Louis said and tugged at his jersey getting it off I looked at his torso. Not too defined abs and a smoothed chest. I bit my lip. 

"Oh yeah.. You're defiantly not horny for me." He said sarcastically. 

"I'm pretty sure you'd have the same reaction if I took off my top right now." I said 

"I don't know.. Let's test that theory." He said I shook my head smiling

"Put a shirt on." I said

"Why? I like the way you're staring at me.." He said I covered my eyes. 

"Put a shirt on." I repeated. I waited until I felt Louis' lips on mine for a short second then he pushed my shoulders down I uncovered my eyes he hovered over me. 

"Louis.. You smell.." I whined 

"Plug your nose." He said 

"Louis. I'm not having sex on the team bench." I stated 

"Fine." He said he slid his hand down my stomach and unbuttoned my jeans 

"What are you doing?" I asked 

"Relax Babe. I'm only going to-"

"No. Not here." I cut him off he gave me a look.

"I think you got it wrong. I think you're horny for me." I said 

"You have no Idea.." He said I smiled I patted his cheek. 

"Get home. Shower. and then We'll talk about having sex.. k?" I said I liked the idea that I had Louis wrapped around my finger now.

"Or I can just take advantage of you right here." He said 

"You'd rape me?" I asked 

"It's not rape if you like it." He said then laughed I swatted his arm he got up and opened his bag. He pulled out his clothes he wore today and pulled his shirt on. 

He took off his soccer shoes putting them into his bag pulling on his black vans. he tied the white laces and got up. 

"I'm not going to bother with my pants." he said I nodded He walked towards the door and attempted to open it noticing it was locked 

"Ohhh Kinky.." He said I rolled my eyes he flicked the locker over and opened the door letting me walk out first. 

"Wait. Didn't you drive here?" Louis asked 

"I got Niall to drive my car to my house." I said he nodded 

"ok" Louis says we walk across the street and in the parking lot there was only one car, I recognized the shiny black paint on Louis' 2013 Dodge Challenger. 

"I've never told you but your car is really sexy." I said 

"Oh I see. You can call my car sexy but not me?" Louis asked as we got in. 

"What can I say? He's a charmer." I said patting the airbag. 

"I'm a thriller." He winked 

He pulled out of the school parking lot and threw his bag in the back seat.

"So is your mom and sisters home?" I asked 

"No, They went over to Bill's." He said

"Why does she always leave you alone?" I asked talking about his mother 

"I told her I'd rather spend the night out in my car than sleep at his mansion." Louis said 

"Louis you should give him a chance. I mean I gave you one.. It's called paying it forward." I said 

"He doesn't deserve a chance." Louis said 

"That's what I was saying about you less than an hour ago and because I gave you a chance were here right now." I said "Together." I finished 

"You don't get it Mais. He isn't compatible with me. Our personalities are completely different. I've tried I really have." He said (Re-read what Louis just said but just imagine him ACTUALLY saying that.. His accent would be soo.. just because his accent is so strong.. I need to stop. :p)

Louis pulled up into his driveway and grabbed his bag. He locked the door behind us and we went right up to his room.

"Can I have some comfies?" I asked he nodded opening up his drawers he held out a pair of his track pants and a tshirt. 

"I'm going to take a shower. Do whatever you want." He said

"Oh and while I'm in there I want you to read these." He said walking over to his dresser and picking up his phone handing it to me. 

"Are you sure?" I asked he nodded 

"I trust you." He said he looked me over one last time before disappearing. 

I did as he said I read through Eleanor and his texts. 

(L = Louis E = Eleanor) 

E: Babe, I'm coming home in 3 days! Your house or mine? ;)"

L: Sorry, I'm busy that night. 

E: How about after?

L: I need to talk to you El. I'll take you to Ty's Fries when you get back. 

E: I thought you were busy that night? 

L: I lied. Text me when you get back and I'll meet you there.

E: Ok

L: Bye. 

I locked the phone for some reason relief crossed over me. I felt horrible though. Louis' relationship is ending.. Is that my fault? When Louis came back out he was dressed in black track pants and a grey tshirt. 

"Is this my fault?" I couldn't help but ask 

"Is what your fault?" He asked 

"This? You breaking up with Eleanor?" I said 

"No. Mais.. This has been going on so long." He said

"Why are you finally deciding to deal with it?" I asked he sighed walking over to me he took the phone setting it on the dresser once more. He putting his hands on my waist pulling me into his chest wrapping his arms around my back. 

"You." He said 

"Me?" I asked 

"Mmhm" He said 

"But.. Why?" I asked

"Because.. I don't need a girlfriend to keep it interesting with you." He said 

"Interesting?" I asked 

"As long as you want to continue I'd be fine with it." Louis said I nodded 

"Ok." I said 

He kissed my head.

"So did you see Ashton when you left?" Louis asked 

"Louis, Stop." I said chuckling I walked away. Sitting on his bed my back resting against the headboard, I sighed. 

"Imagine what our lives would have been like if you didn't upgrade into Enriched?" I asked 

"We would have ended up like this anyways." He said sitting beside me. 

"How can you tell?" I ask 

"The way you used to look at me everyday.. I could tell you wanted me." He said 

"Oh please the looks you were giving me were exactly the same." I said

"I admit.. I wanted you." He said 

"You don't entirely have me" I said 

"Yet." He nudged my shoulder 

I looked over at him. 

"For some reason my whole life has gone completely different since I met you. I've done things I never would have thought of doing in 1000 years. Felt things I never thought I'd feel." I said 

He smiled at me and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. A sweet gesture. I smiled. 

He leaned in slowly never losing my eyes until he closed them, I closed mine as he kissed me slowly. It wasn't an urgent kiss it was soft. 

He grabbed my leg pulling me across his lap to straddle him, my hands slid up to his shoulders. Instinctively I started to rock a little bit. Louis moaned against my lips.. 

I rocked harder, keeping in mind the possibility that what he said to Eleanor about "soft sex". I rocked harder he moaned louder against my lips. I motioned for him to move up and I pushed him down. He moaned as I kissed at his neck.. He put his hands on my hips I took them off holding them in my own as I attacked his neck. I sucked harder on his tender skin. he tensed up

"Oh fuck... Maisie.." He couldn't finish his sentence I licked the already purple spot on his neck and moved somewhere else. 

"Mais." He said 

"Shut up." I said against his neck. I kissed his neck and he started to laugh. 

"Is that a ticklish spot?" I asked, I gasped "Are you ticklish?!" I asked 

"No" He said I started to tickle him he laughed trying to stop me when he caught my wrists. 

"Stop" He said out of breath

"I can't believe you're ticklish that is SO cute." I said he raised his brows 

"It's not cute. It's embarrassing." He said 



"Well I think it's cute." I said 

"That's good for you." He said pecking my lips. 

"Can I go back to kissing your neck? I guess my moans aren't the only sexy ones in this pairing." I said. 

"As long as I get to do it to you." He said 

"Ok but don't leave as much as last time." I said 

"Don't tell anyone I'm ticklish and you've got yourself a deal" He said 

"No need on shake on it, I understand." I said when he tried to pry his arm free.

I kissed his neck once more. I freed his arms long enough to get his top off. He tried to put his hands on my cheek when I pushed it down to the mattress holding it there. He moaned as I lightly suck on a spot near his collar bone.

"Maisie.. I.." He groaned as I kissed along his collar bone.

"I want.. to take your shirt off." He said 

"I'm in control tonight, my shirt comes off when I want it to." I said

"Mm. I don't know if I like that or not." He said 

"It'll be hard at first.. You'll get over not having control." I said Kissing his neck. 

"Oh.. It is hard." He said I got what he was trying to say. 

"Louis." I said he smiled at me. 

"Why are you so bad?" I asked 

"Because." He said sitting up putting his forehead on mine I took hold of his shoulders putting him back down. 

"Stay." I said he groaned. 

"Y'know it's east for me to over power you.. I just want to see what you've got t-" I put my finger on his lips silencing him. 

He kissed it opening his mouth and taking it between his teeth. 

"Hey, Let go!" I said he didn't I started to tickle him. He let go of my finger.

"Yes! I know your weakness!" I celebrated throwing my arms up

He rolled his eyes, he sat up quickly and pulled his baggy top over my shoulders. Throwing it he rolled me over and laid between my legs and attacked my neck. I gasped it faded into a moan. 

He held my wrists above my head with one hands and slid the other down untying the strings of my trackpants. I wrapped my legs around him I moaned loudly out of breath. 

He let go of my wrists and tugged my trackpants down my legs throwing those. 

"Do you have to throw everything?" I asked 

"Shh. I'm in control." He said I bit my lip. I slid my hands on his body.. Stopping at the waistband of his track pants he kissed me. I pulled his track pants down pushing them off the edge of the bed. Louis tugged his bed sheet up putting it over us like a tent I giggled as he laughed along with me. 

I kissed his cheek he started on my neck once more moving down my collar bone he kissed between my breasts I bit my lip. He kissed my lips again. 

"Arch your back" He said I did as I was told to. He unclasped my bra and threw it. 

"That's my favorite one be caref-" 

"Shut up." He cut me off kissing me. I put my arms under his hugging him close to me. 

"Wait. Condom." I whispered he was breathless. He reached over opening his drawer and rustling through it until he took a silver packet out. He rolled off of me removing his boxers, I did him (and me) a favor and pulled down my panties discarding them from the bed. 

I didn't look at his put it on. 

"Still wanna be in control?" He asked me I looked at him

"Wanna be on top?" He asked 

"It's no fun when you offer" I said he smirked and kissed me again he laid between my legs again he kissed me as he pushed in. I gasped into his lips causing him to moan.

This time around Louis was faster.. Less gentle. I would be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying it.

I moaned I arched my back into Louis' stomach. 

"Shit.." I moaned 

His head tucked into my shoulder like last time.. 

A loud ringtone sounded I groaned Louis sighed. Rolling off of me he looked over at me 

"Sorry, One sec." he said reaching over and grabbing the phone slightly out of breath. 



"What the hell? It's like 12am" 

"Yeah I got her home fine." 

"Yeah.. Everything is fine. What? No I just went jogging." 

"Haha, No. Don't be like that." He said I rolled over onto my side and put my hand on his chest 

"Niall I promise you.. No! haha" Louis said I started doing light circles on his chest.. 

"Harry said what?" Louis asks smiling 

"Of course I agree she's beautiful" Louis said I got struck by jealousy. 

"Hey.. Tell him to stay away from Maisie." Louis said I felt my cheeks getting warm Louis took the hand that was on his chest holding it and keeping it there.

"So? I'm over her. If she's going to be like that she can suck my ass." Louis said I covered my mouth trying not to laugh I just knew by the face he was making he was talking about Eleanor. 

"She comes back tonight?" 

"Dude! She told me 3 fucking days." Louis said 

"No.. She can't come in I moved the key." 

"She wouldn't break in she'd not that crazy." Louis said

"She came by your place? Asking where I was? You sent her here?!" 

Just then the doorbell rang I looked at Louis as he looked at me 

"Oh shit." 


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