Little White Lies (16+)

(WARNING: This fan fiction WILL contain graphic sex scenes. If you do not like this type of content I would advise you to not read.)

Maisie is a smart, nice and beautiful girl. She had everything going for her.. College right around the corner, good job, great friends and an amazing boyfriend until she meets a hot, funny and flirtatious boy. Louis Tomlinson seems to haunt her every day.. From the moment they laid eyes on each other it was instant attraction.. With Maisie's self control and responsibility fading she begins to slip trying to keep her golden girl rep going. Keeping her attraction for Louis a secret..

She ends up giving in to Louis, The attraction and tension was too much. She juggled lives. Louis makes her feel free and alive.. Her boyfriend Ashton (Not Irwin) makes her feel safe and secure. Keeping her and Louis and her's "affair" a secret from everyone.. Louis wants Maisie to himself.. He would do anything to make that happen. He'd do anything for her.



Maisie's POV

Louis and I pulled up the road.

"Oh.. It's a university.." Louis said looking over at me.

"Really?" I asked he nodded I then saw the sign "University of London" I gave him a look

"Good job boo." I said he folded his lips together pulling in.

He pulled the challenger into a spot. Getting out he took my hand as I met him at the back of the car.

We walked in and right up to the front door.

"Hi.. Were here for a tour." Louis said

"Passes are to the left." The woman says only glances up from her computer.

"Uh. Thanks." Louis said he grabbed the badge with his name on it and pinned if to his chest. I snagged a visitors pass and followed Louis.


The tour was all over the place. My feet were getting tired and I was starting to get a headache.

When it was finally over Louis took a booklet of forms with him as we left.

Getting in the car he sighed.

"So what'd you think?" I asked

"It's a good school.. I just don't know about the times." He said

"You can do it." I said

He chuffed



Louis pulled into my driveway.

"Molly isn't home.. Come inside." I said he smirked


I unlocked the door and walked in pulling Louis towards he stairs.

"Maisie." I stopped in my tracks

"Mom?" I said she stood up from the couch. Her eyes set on Louis. She shook her head slightly.

"What are you doing here?" I snapped

"Aren't I aloud in my own home?" She asked

"Well considering you packed up and left I thought this wasn't your home anymore..." I said


"No. I don't want to hear it. Whatever excuse or lecture you have I'm over it." I said

"Maisie you are my daughter. I love you. I want you to come with me. Live with your family once more." She said

"The only family I have left is the boy standing next to me." I said Louis squeezed my hand gently.

"That boy? I'm surprised he's still with you." She said

"What's that supposed to mean?" I asked

"Relax Maisie." She said

"No that's bullshit. Do you have to bring down every thing in my life? What do I need to do for you to get off my back." I said

"Nothing, I want you to be in our life."

"Well I don't want to be part of yours. C'mon Louis." I said guiding Louis back towards the door.


I ignored her and followed Louis out and into the car.

"Mais.. Are you okay?" He asked

"I'm fine." I said

"Mais.." He said gently

"Please just go." I said he nodded starting the car.


When we arrived at Anne's I got out of the car following Louis into the foyer.

"Go on up, I'll make you a tea." He said I nodded.

Taking the stairs two at a time I dropped down on Louis' bed and felt the tears coming. I hated my mother. I don't know how she could just abandon her own daughter. Come back months later acting like nothing happened. I folded my arms across my chest.

Louis came in with two mugs and a plate with two sandwiches on it.

"Are you ok?" He asked shutting the door with his foot.

"No. My mom is a monster." I said

"Amen on that one." He said sitting down. He put our teas on the side table he put the plate down,

"I thought you'd be hungry." He said

"I don't want to eat. I want to run my mother over with a bus." I said angrily. Louis raised his brows taking a bite out of his sandwich.

"I think what she did was wrong but Mais you had a chance to get your family back." He said

"How many times do I have to tell you and everyone else that you're my only family. I only need you." I said he licked the small piece of ham from the corner of his mouth, setting his slice down he looked up at me.

"Everybody needs a mother.." He said

"What about you? You talk about hating your mom all the time. Why can't I?" I asked

"Let me finish." He said I sighed quietly

"Why are you taking it out on me?" He asked

"Taking it out on you? How?" I asked

"Nothing you're just kinda being mean." He said lowly

"I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to take it out on you." I said

"You could have jus taken it out on me in bed but I guess not." He said taking a bite out of his sandwich I giggled. I picked up my sandwich.

"What's on this?" I asked Louis looked up at me.

"Who are you Eleanor? There's no carbs." He winked I rolled my eyes and took a bite of it.

"Have you heard from her?" I asked swallowing the delicious ham sandwich sliver.

"Nope. I intend to never talk to her again." He said

"They still haven't found Ashton." I said


"He's still gone. Frankly I think he left he always talked about leaving." I said

"Good riddance." Louis said sipping his tea.

"But don't you think he would have told someone?" I asked

"Stop worrying about him Mais he's fine." Louis said I nodded.

"Okay.." I said sipping my tea.

-1 week later-

Louis starts college in a week. Well university. I'm so happy for him but at the same time I'm going to miss him. I know he's not going to live on campus but I'm going to be so bored.

I finished eating breakfast with Molly and walked up the stairs hearing my phone going off. I walked over taking it off the charging chord. It was Louis.

"Hey Lou" I said

"Babe. Get over here now." He said

"What is it? Is everything alright?" I asked

"Just get here." He begged

"I'm on my way." I said

I hung up and quickly got dressed. I grabbed my keys and my jacket, I told Molly I'd be out for a while. I got into my car and rushed over to Anne's. I opened the door and saw Louis on the stair case.

"What's wrong?" I asked he threw out his hand two white crisp envelopes in his hands. They were addressed to both Anne and Louis. I opened up Louis' since it was already opened. I pulled out the card.

"You are invited to witness the binding together of.." I read on feeling horrible for Louis.

"They're getting married.." I trailed off

He nodded

"Oh Louis." I said as gentle as I could

"No. Just get it away." He said I put the letter on the table and walked over to him standing in front of him.

"Look at me." I said

He slowly looked up.

I kissed his forehead and he stood up burying his head in my chest.

"Oh.. Babe." I said

"I hate him so much Mais" he said

"I know, you don't have to go babe." I said

"I want to go. I want her to see that I can be the bigger person." He said.

"I couldn't feel comfortable with you there... I mean Bill has a talent for pissing you off.." I said he leaned away from my chest.

"Where's Anne?" I asked

"Out. I think she went over to Harry and Kate's."

"Okay.. How about I take you out somewhere?" I asked

"I don't want to go out anywhere.. I just want to stay here with you." He said I slightly smiled

"You're lucky it's my day off." I said I had started my job at the library a week ago but I will only be there a short time due to Harry getting me a job where he works.

"Just.. Take your clothes off." Louis breathed out I swatted his arm.

"Bad boy." I said he smirked

"Just.. Do it." He said I rolled my eyes.

"If I'm going to do that I need some wine." I said I turned walking away. Louis landed a light smack on my bum. I gasped turning around he smirked.

I rolled my eyes lightly giggling I walked into the kitchen, Louis met me at the cupboard as I looked on the shelves for the wine. Louis lightly put his hand on my bum.

"What's with the sudden obsession with my bum?" I asked

"It's just so cute, I never really realized." He chuckled. Yes, Louis' bum was bigger than mine. He had an amazing ass. I blamed it on his soccer.

I reached around putting my hand on Louis' ass and squeezing he grumbled. I bit my lip.

"Hurry up and get your drink." He said

"I don't need it anymore." I said looking up at him. He raised his brows.

"Now. March yourself up those stairs and take your bum with you." He said I giggled

"Yes sir."

-Kate's POV-

Harry walked out of his office. Yawning and stretching out.

"How's it goin?" I asked he sighed

"I'm so tired." He said I gave him a sympathetic smile.

"My mums coming over soon." He said

"I haven't seen here in so long." I said he nodded. He kissed my cheek and then the tip of my nose shuffling past me into the fridge.

"Do you think Louis knows about the wedding?" I asked

"I don't think so." He said

"Poor little guy." I said

There was a knock at the door and Harry disappeared to get it.

I fixed my hair in the mirror. I knew Anne liked me but I just wanted to keep it that way. Anne was a huge part if Harry's life.

"Dad?" I heard Harry say my brows came together.

"W-what are you d-doing here?" Harry stuttered

"You haven't come to see me in forever. What did I do?" I heard the deep voice resembling Harry's.

"You didn't do anything Dad.. I've just been busy with moving and work." Harry said

"Your mother told me you've moved in with your girlfriend.. Is she here?" He asked

"Um yeah. Does Mum know you're coming?" Harry asked

"No, well where is she?" He asked

"She's inside, follow me." Harry said I heard the door close and footsteps. Harry came around the corner with a man. Very tall like Harry but Harry was a few inches shorter. I always thought Harry looked like his mother but wow did he ever look exactly like his father.

"Dad, this is my girlfriend Katelyn. Katelyn this is my father Des." Harry said I took Des' hand and shook it.

"Nice to meet you." He said just then the door opened again.

"What if they aren't even awake?" I heard the young voice of Gemma.

"I just got off the phone with Harry they're awake." Anne said I nervously clenched my hands. I sensed a Styles Family reunion. When Anne walked in her eyes went wide.

"Daddy!" Gemma squealed

She leaped into Des' arms.

Harry slightly smiled as Anne kissed Des' cheek.

"Nice to see you Des. It's been too long." I saw Harry's dimple pop as Anne rubbed Gemma's back as she clung to Des.

"How's Robin?" Des asked

"He's good. Gone for business though." Anne said. Harry looked over at me I smiled he returned it.


I played card games with Gemma in the living room as Harry and his parents caught up in the kitchen.

"How long has it been since you last saw your Dad?" I asked

"A few months." She said

I nodded.

"Have you talked to Lottie lately?" I asked

"Yeah.. She's excited for Bill and Jay's wedding. She gets to be a brides maid." Gemma said

"Did you and your Mom get invitations?" I asked

"Yeah. My mom saw the envelopes this morning. I took mine up to my room and hung it on my wall." Gemma said.

"Was there one for Louis?" I asked

"Yeah. I don't know how he's going to take it though." She said shuffling the cards. I couldn't help but think about how upset my cousin would be when he found that invitation.

"Will you excuse me a moment?" I said Gemma nodded. I escaped up the stair case and went into Harry and I's bedroom. I pulled out my phone and dialed Louis' number.

He rang three times before it got answered.

"Hello?" The delicate voice said


-Maisie' POV-

"Yeah it's me." I said

"Where's Louis?" Katelyn asks

"He's right here, I'm guessing your calling about the invitation?" I asked

"Yeah.. How is he?" She asked

"Well.. I finally got him to calm down.. He's sleeping at the moment." I said

"Oh.. When he wakes up tell him to come see me." She said I nodded

"Will do, how's everything with Harry?" I asked

"Good.. His Dad just showed up." She said

"Robin is in town?" I asked

"No I mean like his actual birth father." Kate says

"No way.. Is he nice?" I asked

"Yeah.. Anne came in for a visit moments later with Gemma.. They just had like a full Styles reunion in there." Kate says

"Was Harry happy?" I asked

"Oh Mais.. He seemed so happy when Anne joined in on Gemma and Des' hug.. I think he wants his father back in the picture." Kate says

"What about Robin?" I asked

"He loves Robin but there is no better family than your real one." Kate says.

"I beg to differ." I said looking back at the sleeping Louis and thinking about my mother.

"Oh! I gotta go. Gemma's calling me. See you soon?" She asks

"If this sleepy head wakes up soon." I said she giggled

"Alright bye Maisie."

"Bye Kate." I said we hung up I walked slowly over to Louis' bed. I set his phone down on the table and moved his fringe out of his eyes.

His nose twitched. I smiled at his sleepy figure.

I laid down in front of him taking his hand in mine. I closed my eyes. Louis' phone started to vibrate behind me. I sighed and reached back.

Text Message!

I unlocked his phone and read the text.

It was from Eleanor..

"We need to talk.. Ever since grad you haven't talked to me. You can't block me out forever." I thought about replying to her and asking her just what happened on grad night but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I sighed.

"Meet me at Harry's." I texted quickly before I could stop myself

"Be there soon. :)" I rolled my eyes at the smiley face. I slowly got out of the bed and deleted the thread of messages. Though there was only our messages there. I quickly walked down the steps and sat on the last one waiting for her. This will be our confrontation.

-Katelyn's POV-

"Let's say we go back to the house and have some lunch?" Anne suggests

Everyone agrees. Harry walked over to me and leaned down to my ear.

"We're going back to the house. If you wanna leave or get uncomfortable just tell me and we'll leave." He whispered I nodded but this was good I wanted to see Louis.

He took my hand and handed me my jacket. We slipped on our jackets and shoes and followed his family out.

-Maisie's POV-

I heard the sound of a car door being closed and I glared at the door. I got up putting Louis' phone on the table. I heard he knock and took hold of the doorknob and opened the door Eleanor saw it was me and her eyes widened. I took hold of one of her brown curls and pulled her into the house slamming the door I pushed her and she stumbled but caught herself on the table.

I caught what she was wearing. A crop top with skin tight jeans.

"What the hell is wrong with you? Why are you here?!" She shouted

"Because I'm his girlfriend you slut. You need to leave him alone!" I shouted

"His girlfriend? Wow. That's cute." I glared at her.

"Listen here. You have to stop trying to get in contact with him he doesn't want to know you. He doesn't want to see you. Just leave him the hell alone." I said

"Honey.. You don't know one thing about Louis." She said

"I do." I said

"Like what?" She asked resting her hands on her hips

"I know more about him than you do. I got past his barrier. You only know him as the cocky football captain that has sex with girls whenever he wants to I know a completely different side of him." I said

"You're so delusional." She said shaking her head I took a step towards her

"Don't come near me you bitch." She spat.

"Stay away from Louis." I said

"And what are you going to do about it?" She asked I took two strides over to her and shoved her shoulders she stumbled and fell. I was on her in seconds. Straddling her waist so she couldn't get up. She swatted at me until I brought my fist down. I've never really punched seine and my hand hurt.. She screamed and I covered her mouth

"Shut up!" I yelled

"Get off me!" She yelled

"Get out of our lives! He doesn't want you!" I yelled she took hold of my hair and flipped me over swatting at me I brought my knee up onto her side screeching and pulling each other's hair I heard the door open.

"What the hell?!" I heard Kate yell

Harry and Kate scrambled to us, Kate pulling Eleanor away from me and Harry pulling me away from Eleanor. I desperate clawed at the air wanting to rip her hair off her scalp.

Harry lifted me off the ground due to his bigger height and adjusted his grip holding me around my arms so I could reach and swat at the air.

"What the hell happened?!" Louis asked rushing down the stairs

"Louis!" Eleanor yelled trying to be cute

"Oh shut up!" I yelled Louis hopped off the last step and looked from me to Eleanor.

"Care to explain?" Louis asked

Anne, Des and Gemma walked in.

"Harry?" Anne questioned

"Just.. Go out without us.. This has been a long time coming.." Harry said Anne nodded trusting him escorting Des and Gemma away.

"Girls?" Louis said

"Eleanor was trying to get with you again!" I said

"Get with him? Are you that worried?" She mocked me I struggled against Harry's arms again.

"Eleanor.. What are you doing here?" Louis asked

"You told me to meet you here." She said

"Wow. You're really stupid if you didn't catch on to that already.. What? Did your cheer squad drop you on your head too many times?" I asked she strained against Kate's arms. Harry chuckled behind me.

"You used Louis' phone to lure me here?" Eleanor asked

"Good job. You put two and two together." I said

"Seriously? Can't you guys just let go of the past?" Louis asked

"But Louis I just want to talk to you.. You don't understand how much I've missed you." She said

"You don't deserve him!" I yelled to her

"Eleanor.. We've been through this. I don't want to be with you." Louis said

"You know you do." Eleanor said

"I actually don't." Louis said

"Stop denying it. You miss me and you know it." Eleanor said

"God damn it Eleanor! I don't miss you! Maisie is 10x better than you at everything!" Louis said

"What about sex?" Eleanor asked cocking a brow

"Louis smirked looking at me I winked at him Harry cleared his throat behind me.

"Oh relax." I said he chuckled

Eleanor glared at me

"I bet she can't give you a good-"

"Yep. Eleanor just come to grasp that she's better than you at everything.. Just go. Don't talk to me.. Like ever again." Louis said

Eleanor glared at me than him.

"Y'know what you deserve each other." Eleanor said

"Thanks" I said

She roughly shoved Kate away from her.

"Hey. Easy." Harry warned her.

"You're pathetic. All of you." She said

Harry set my feet on the ground.

I had the slightest feeling he was going to let me go.

"You're all losers I don't even know why I bother with you pathetic pieces of shit." Eleanor said that's when Harry let go of me. I charged at Eleanor and she screamed I tackled her to the ground and pulled at her hair and swatted and scratched. Louis came behind me hooking his arms around my waist pulling me back. Eleanor got up with her hair and mess I got a good scratch on his face.

"Ugh! You bitch!" She yelled she huffed and left the house.

Slamming the door.

"You okay?" Louis whispered bringing his lips down to my ear. I nodded

"Good." He said he kissed my shoulder.

"So.. How've you guys been?" Harry asked

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