Little White Lies (16+)

(WARNING: This fan fiction WILL contain graphic sex scenes. If you do not like this type of content I would advise you to not read.)

Maisie is a smart, nice and beautiful girl. She had everything going for her.. College right around the corner, good job, great friends and an amazing boyfriend until she meets a hot, funny and flirtatious boy. Louis Tomlinson seems to haunt her every day.. From the moment they laid eyes on each other it was instant attraction.. With Maisie's self control and responsibility fading she begins to slip trying to keep her golden girl rep going. Keeping her attraction for Louis a secret..

She ends up giving in to Louis, The attraction and tension was too much. She juggled lives. Louis makes her feel free and alive.. Her boyfriend Ashton (Not Irwin) makes her feel safe and secure. Keeping her and Louis and her's "affair" a secret from everyone.. Louis wants Maisie to himself.. He would do anything to make that happen. He'd do anything for her.



Maisie's POV

The next morning was Saturday. Louis was finally beside me when I woke up. He opened his eyes and smiled at me tiredly.

"Morning." I said

"Morning." He said

"What do you wanna do today?" He asked

"Well.. Harry and Kate's ultra sound is today and they're supposed to call me." I said he nodded

"Have you said anything?" I asked he shook his head tiredly and closed his eyes cuddling into his pillow more.

"Do you think it's a boy or a girl?" I asked

"Boy." He said

"Nope. It's a girl." I said he snorted

"Why are you so sure?" He asked his eyes closed still I rolled onto my side facing him.

"Cause. I just know she's having a girl." I said

"And if it's a boy?" Louis said

"Then It's a boy.." I said he smirked

"When is their appointment? Should they be calling soon?" He asked

"They should be calling around noon." I said

"I'm gunna kill Harry for getting my cousin knocked up." Louis said

"It's not like they're going to struggle." I said he nodded

"True." Louis said

"If Harry gets me that job where he works I'll be able to catch up to you with money in that jar." I said looking at our jar. So far Louis had $250 in there from his job at the coffee shop.

I had about $100 from my library job I had already lost.

"How much would that bring in?" Louis asked

"About 500 or so a week." I said he shook his head

"I'm supposed to be supporting you." He said

"You will be. When you get on your team." I said he grumbled

"Who knows if I'll make it." He said I looked down at him.

"You'll make it. I know you will." I said he buried his face in his pillow and grumbled I petted the messy fluffy hair at the back of his head and kissed it after he stretched out his arm pulling me against him rolling onto his side, he pulled me into his chest.

"We can't stay in bed all day Louis." I said he nudged my forehead with his.

"C'mon, let's get up and do something productive." I said he snorted his eyes finally opening as he laughed at me

"What?" I whined

"You're cute." He said I grumbled and rolled away from him getting up

"Mmm." Louis groaned I turned around and saw him sitting up checking me out wearing only a tank top and panties I blushed and rushed into the bathroom.

I walked back out and saw Louis laying on his stomach again. I grumbled and walked over to the bed, grabbing a pillow on my way there I whacked Louis with it he grumbled

"Get up!" I said I climbed on the bed and started jumping around

"I stopped and started to drum on Louis' bare back.

"Maisie." He grumbled

"Get up you lazy bum." I said and smacked his ass which was covered by blankets he smirked

"Kinky." He said

"Get up!" I said he rolled over onto his back rubbing his eyes and yawning. I reached down and pinched his nipple.

"Ow!" He whimpered I giggled

"You're so mean." He said

"Aw I'm sorry.." I said giggling

I leaned down and kissed the tip of his nose.

"Kiss it better." He said

"I'm not kissing your nipple Louis." I said he smirked

"Fine." He said I leaned down and pecked his lips.

He licked his lips as I leaned away.

"Fine Louis. Stay in bed all day by yourself." I said I got up of the bed and changed into black jeans, a grey Tshirt and a wool cardigan. I slipped on matching toms and walked into the bathroom. Louis shuffled in and walked towards the toilet.

"What are we doing today?" He asked.

"I don't know wanna go shopping?" I asked

"How about we go see Niall and Liam? They're working at the local gym." Louis said I nodded

"Sounds fun." I said I finished applying my mascara and eyeliner and brushed my hair.

"Get dressed c'mon." I said

He followed me out kissing my temple as he went into the closet.

Louis came out a few minutes later wearing black vans, black jeans and a white Tshirt he wore a red and black plaid flannel over top. The sleeves rolled up to his elbows he did his hair quickly and grabbed his phone and wallet putting them in his pocket.

I grabbed my little side purse and put my phone and wallet in it.

"Your car or mine?" I asked grabbing my sunglasses out of my purse.

"Mine." He said taking his keys out of the glass bowl. We got in his car he took a black pair of aviators out of their holder and slipped them onto his face.

"Why is it so sunny out?" He asked as he started his car putting it into gear.

"I don't know. It's nice though." I said he nodded he put his window down. He pulled out and stopped at a light. He leaned his elbow on the open window. I stared at him and realized just how gorgeous he was. I lucked out.

When the light turned green Louis accelerated and drove for about 15 minutes when we pulled into the uptown plaza.

He parked in front of the gym and we walked in.

"How long since you last saw them?" I asked

"Not long, they have lunch with me sometimes." He said

"Does Zayn work here too?" I asked

"No he works at an art supply store." Louis said I nodded

"Louis!" I heard the Irish accent and smiled immediately.

Niall appeared from the stairs and saw me.

"You brought company!" He said he hugged me tight

"Hey Niall." I said Liam joined us as well giving me a hug and sweet greeting.

"How've you been?" Niall asked

"I've been great. You?" I asked

"Decent." He said

"Aw why decent?" I asked

"Boss is a douche and I just got dumped." He said

Louis snorted beside me, I elbowed him.

"Aw, her loss Ni. And aren't all bosses douches?" I said he chuckled

"Guess so."


"I might sign up at that gym.." I said as Louis and I got into the car.

"Why?" He asked

"I hardly talk to Niall and Liam anymore and I could use some exercise." I said

"C'mon babe.. A gym membership? You really want one?" He asked

"Well what else am I supposed to do when you're at school?" I asked

"Take care of my pregnant cousin?" He suggested

"That's Harry's job." I said

"I guess you can get a gym membership. You're gonna need gym clothes and a gym bag." Louis said as he accelerated

"Maybe we can go together on the weekend sometimes." I said Louis nodded and pulled out of the parking lot.

"It's extra money though babe. Like 50 a month."

"Oh.." I said and slouched in my chair.

"I promise.." Louis trailed off taking my hand on the dash.

"One day.. We won't have to worry about money." He said I nodded and lifted his hand to my lips kissing it.

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