Never Forgotten

One Direction gets a break from their tour to see their families. Harry Styles, a member of the band...meets someone that changes his life. Then a sudden accident, changes everything.


1. The Arrival

It was the day that the band gets a break off to see their families. "I'm so excited to see my family. Gemma just graduated from college, I'm really bummed I didn't get to go.", Harry says with a sad look. "Hopefully she will understand." "She will. She knows you have a tour to finish and she knows how important this is to oh and you don't want to mess it up.", Niall said with a grin.

We arrived at Niall's house first. "Mum! Dad!", Niall said running into their open arms. "Welcome home baby!", said his mum with tears in her eyes. "Mom, it's okay. I'm here now."

Next, we arrived at Liam's house. As Liam walked off the bus, his dad stood their in tears. "Come here and give me a hug." Liam jumped into his arms and never let go. "I'm so proud of you, son.", "I love you dad.", "I love you, too Liam."

Soon after, we arrived at Louis's house. Louis jumped off the bus and ran to his parents. "How ya been, love?", Louis's mum said, giving him a warm hug. "It's been great, no that I'm with you, it's 10 times better.", "Hey, what about me?", Louis's dad said with a smile. Louis ran to him and hugged him, for what seemed like forever.

Then we reached Zayn's house. Zayn ran off the bus and was welcomed with hugs from all if his siblings. "Welcome home Zayn!", they all said. "I missed you guys so much!" Zayn looked back at his mum. She was getting teary eyed. Zayn walked to her and gave her a warm, soft hug. "I love you mum.", Zayn whispered in her ear.

Last, but not least, we arrived at Harry's house. He jumped off the bus and ran into his mums arms. "Oh wow! You've certainly grown!" She said as he took her breathe away with his strong hug. Gemma stood behind her with a gloomy face. Harry walked over yo her slowly. "Look, I'm sorry I didn't get to come to your graduation. I really wanted to but-", he was cut if my Gemma. "I know you wanted to, I'm just sad that u gave mum a hug first!" Harry gave her a big hug and replied, "I could never forget you, Gemma."

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