Loving you was RED!

justin bieber,love,controversy,party


3. we cuddled

i took Justin to my house, it didnt matter how much i tried forgetting him but i still loved him and he needed me now.
i told Justin to go take a shower and that it would make him feel better. as soon as he went to the bathroom i could hear him throwing up. i ran upstairs to see if he was ok.
i told him to go to sleep and take rest. after few minutes he called me saying

" is it okay? to ask you to sleep next to me?"
me: don't try anything though… i got into the bed and we both cuddled.
when i woke up, i felt good. it felt great to be next to Justin again and it felt right to be there next to him *i checked what time it was* i saw it was 6pm i woke up Justin, told him that my dad was about to arrive home! Justin woke up with his "morning hair" shirtless. He looked so hot! me: hurry up put your shirt on we both know my dad doesn't really like you.
Justin tried to kiss me but i stopped him. me: we are not together.

Justin: sorry love you *run away*




NOTE: i know the chapters are quite small, but im learning.. sorry..

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