Forever can be broken

Gracie is happy with Harry and Aubrie with Niall the boys are their best friends. Nothing could go wrong
"Forever?" "Forever." Those were the last words Harry and Gracie said. Then the accident happened.


1. Destroyed

Liam's pov 

I called Dani to tell her we had landed. "How are they?" I asked nervously. "Gracie just woke up and Aubrie still won't talk." She said. I sigh. We hung up and the lads and I got into a car. We arrived at the hospital. We rushed to Gracie's room. "Gracie I'm so glad your ok I don't know what I what have done if you had died!" Harry said giving g her a hug. "Thanks but who are you?" Gracie asked. Harry's face fell. Aubrie walked into the room she had a drink in her hand. She gave us a small smile Niall went straight over to her. He wrapped her in a hug. "Aubrie your back!" Gracie said smiling Aubrie handed her a cup. "I'm going to take Aubrie to the hotel." Niall said. "Gracie do you remember me?" Zayn asked. "Yes how could I forget Zaynie." She said happily. "When can I leave here?" She asked. We looked at each other. Harry was crying and El and Lou were holding him. 

Niall's pov 

We got to the hotel and I took her up to our room for awhile I just looked at her my eyes welled up with tears I didn't notice that a few tears had fallen. Aubrie wiped them with her thumb and curled up in my arms her head on my chest. "Will you talk to me please?" I asked. She shook her head. I missed her voice but knew if she didn't want to talk she wasn't. I lifted her head up with my fingers. "I love you." I said then pressed my lips to hers. I pulled away and she smiled at me nit a sad or fake but I real smile I knew she was think Iove you too. I got a text from Liam saying to meet him at Ihop. "Come on we're going to Ihop." I said. She smiled and pulled me to the door. We got to the elevator when we were on the way down I kissed her again I missed her so much. Of course when we got outside there was a lot of Paparazzi. "Aubrie are you cheating on Niall?" "Aubrie where have you been?" "Niall is it true you and Demi were hooking up?" They yelled I held Aubrie is close as we got into the car. 

Harry's pov 

I can't believe my girlfriend the love of life doesn't remember me! We want to Ihop. When we arrived Niall and Aubrie were waiting. We walked over. Aubrie patted the seat next to her and looked t me I sat next to her. I was across from Gracie. The waiter came and took our drink orders but of course not with out flirting with Gracie and she blushed and giggled ugh!! He came back with our drinks and slipped Gracie a note she blushed again. When he cam back to take our orders he looked at Aubrie weird. Niall had to order for her. Aubrie made a motion to Dani and Dani nodded. She got up and left. "Bathroom" Dani explained. "So why can't or won't she talk?" Lou asked "The doctors thought something had gone wrong with her vocal cords but when they check everything was pretty normal they think maybe the accident was so dramatic that she won't talk or..." Dani trailed off "Or what!" Perrie asked the question we were all afraid to ask. "Or something hit her head and the thing that connects the speaking part of her brain and her mouth was broken and she may never speak again." Dani blurted out. We sat in silence. "I'm going to go check on her." Gracie said. And left. My relationship with me and Gracie is destroyed. 

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