I just wanted you to notice.

Lillian, Macy, camryn, Emma, and Nicole were all besties. Have everything they need except a boyfriend will all that change when they get new neighbors or will they even be noticed?


1. Introduction

Lillian Isabella Turner


light brown hair

dark blue eyes

I am mature and shy at the same time.

I love One Direction, Liam, kids, my family, and my friends. 

Fav food-gummy bears

Fav drink- raspberry tea

Fav hobby- singing


Nicole Kathleen Wells


Brown hair

grey/green eyes

I am funny, Irish, and love eating

i love One Direction, Niall, kids, eating, my friends and family, and everyone who supports me

Fav food-chicken

fav drink- coke



Emma Brielle Moore

Age 20

blonde hair

blue eyes


loves carrots, one direction, Louis , and her family and friends

fav food- carrots

fav drink- sprite 

fav hobby- making people laugh


Macy Jane Watson


Brown hair

dark blue eyes

Bad girl and vain

Loves one direction, Zayn and her friends and family

fav food- burger

fav drink- smoothie

fav hobby- doing her hair


Camryn Olivia Saunders


dark curly brown hair

brown eyes

flirty, spontaneous

loves one direction, Harry, and her friends and family

fav food- salad

fav drink- root beer

fav hobby- flirting with cute boys

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